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Benefits of diversity

Building a diverse workforce is no longer a nice to have but a core proponent of any talent acquisition strategy. Recognising and harnessing the dynamism of diversity is an essential element of our leading expertise, enabling people and organisations to fulfil their potential, and this diversity insight hub is designed to share our latest tips, tricks and tools to help you do the same. 


Knowing where to start is a common challenge, so here are our ten essentials methods to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation:

1. Lead from the top. Secure top down leadership on diversity and inclusion from your CEO/business owner, supported by senior level Diversity Champions.

2. Understand and articulate the business case for diversity. Link this directly to improved performance. Answer the question 'what's in it for my business?'

3. Reflect diversity in core values. Ensure diversity is linked to values to get managers and employees on board.

4. Collect data, understand metrics and set targets. Understand your starting point, set goals and track progress. Set clear diversity targets.

5. Make diversity a way of life. Repeated reinforcement is needed, prioritise training, mentoring, coaching and sponsorship.

6. Build an infrastructure to support diversity. Dedicated employee support networks are a good starting point to build infrastructure.

7. Educate, support and encourage managers. Operational, business unit managers must be involved if diversity efforts are to succeed.

8. View diversity across the entire talent pipeline. Building a sustainable pipeline of promising employees will offer a talented and diverse pool from which to select and promote for the senior jobs of the future.

9. Cast a wide and inclusive recruiting net.

10. Take action to ensure inclusion. Diversity is vital to business.  

Hays diversity expertiseA diverse and inclusive workplace doesn't happen by chance and isn't a one off project. It's a journey that needs to be carefully managed (you can read more about our own journey and the lessons learned here).

Through our own expertise and partner network we offer a range of bespoke D&I insight and solutions, including:

  • Access to our own dedicated in-house diversity and inclusion experts, as well as a wide range of talented D&I professionals, tools, diversity networks and groups we work closely with
  • Our annual Diversity Report and industry research, our award-winning Hays Journal, and blogs from leading industry experts. 
  • We train our recruiting experts in diversity and inclusion awareness, recognising unconscious bias, inclusive job writing and best-practice in inclusive recruitment activities.
  • We regularly review our candidate attraction techniques to ensure we do all we can to present an unrivalled range of job opportunities to all.