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An engaged workforce is typically one in which employees understand and are committed to an organisation’s values and objectives, and are passionately motivated to not only offer their very best at work but to go above and beyond to help achieve its goals.

An engaged workforce doesn’t just happen. It’s a two-way process in which an organisation needs to work hard to engage its staff and, crucially, where employees themselves decide how engaged they will be in return. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both the employer and employee support each other; if one side fails to back the other, engagement levels deteriorate rapidly.

In this report we surveyed 1,196 employers and employees across Australia and New Zealand to uncover practical strategies you can take to improve your organisation’s employee engagement levels.

Key findings

  • Just 40% of employers believe that the majority of their staff are engaged.
  • Being valued, recognition for a job well done, and understanding how their success will be measured are the top three engagement factors for employees
  • Yet employers believe that ensuring staff understand how their role contributes to the organisation’s success, how their role helps the organisation achieve its objectives, and feeling valued are most important.

For practical strategies to help you improve your employee engagement read the full report.

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