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Testing Do you know how freelancers get gigs and why it’s important that your company is seen as a client of choice? It was clear at Denver’s Freelancer week that every freelancer wants to work, but more than that, they want to work on their own terms and remain flexible, while also working for an organization that is conscious of these needs as well as the ever-changing needs of an evolving world. The desired company that freelancers want to work for seemed to be one that they could easily identify a new gig with, had a good brand, and didn’t make the hiring and engagement difficult. I quickly gained an understanding that most of these freelancers are landing new gigs through networking and their professional circles. All the freelancers I spoke with were aware of the different cloud-based gig platforms, but still only used those as one avenue for landing their ideal gigs. Few were able to obtain gigs directly through larger companies without going through multiple layers and cumbersome processes, which, unfortunately, is the norm.




With contracts now looming close to the April 2020 deadline, medium and large-sized organisations in the private sector must act now to ensure they are prepared for reforms to IR35 legislation.

When: 3rd December, 2019
At: 12-1pm GMT

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  • The results of our survey of over 31,500 respondents which reveal whether organisations are prepared and what risks they are faced with
  • How public sector organisations tackled the reforms when they were first introduced in 2017 and what other companies are doing that might help you to come up with a solution
  • What the reforms are and how you might be affected from employment law specialists, Travers Smith LLP

Make sure you don’t lose contractors to your competitors and that you retain your talent, or if you are a contractor, find out what the IR35 reforms could mean for you.

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