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By engaging a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you ensure continued access to high quality, business critical talent.

All this through a partner that takes full responsibility and is accountable for driving quality, reducing cost and the management of compliance and risk.

By moving beyond the preferred supplier list approach to contingent workforce spend under management you can enjoy:

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Gain improved, flexible access to skills thanks to:

  • A comprehensive skills supply strategy, including vendor rationalisation and consolidation, and the introduction of new and alternative sources of skills
  • Quarterly supplier report cards to evaluate best vs. worst / replaceable vendors
  • Active coaching and best practices for high performing, and high potential, supplier partners
  • Monitored KPI’s aligned to business goals (turnover, diversity, speed, etc.)
  • Customised reporting suites for HR, Procurement, Operations, Executive, etc.

Drive more value from your spend with cost controls such as:

  • Benchmarked rate cards across all roles in your organisation
  • Optimised sourcing for all vacancies resulting in lower submitted bill rates
  • Mark-up/margin management across all non-permanent suppliers
  • Cost savings initiatives (volume, tenure, payrolling, furloughs, etc.)

Typical savings achievements in year one of a new MSP are between 15-20% of your current non-permanent spend.


Mitigate supply risks with:

  • Introduction of industry best practices, and organisation-wide policies
  • Risk mitigation via standardised compliance process and audits
  • Worker misclassification and co-employment evaluation of extended supply base, including independent contractors and small service providers


Deliver process efficiency via:

  • Streamlined processes that reduce both the time to hire and the burden on hiring managers
  • Rigid supply base SLA’s
  • Improved “time to productivity” thanks to improved onboarding and engagement practices
  • The adoption of a single system of record for all time and expense submittals and approvals
  • Consolidated invoicing for your entire non-permanent population


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