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Achieve the Vision of Total Talent Management

Achieve the vision of total talent management by extending the talent supply chain

Do you have a strategic plan for workforce transformation? 

Talent Forward Blog 4 (The Extended Supply Chain)

The Extended Supply Chain: Enhancing your MSP service with new sources of talent

Explore the concept of incorporating an Extended Supply Chain into your MSP services.

Mitigating Co-Employment Risk (use this one)

Mitigating co-employment risk when engaging contingent workers

The need to mitigate risk is higher than ever with today's rapidly changing workforce and unpredictable economic environment. 

Tips global contingent workforce programme

Not sure where to begin when it comes to running a global contingent workforce programme?

Access our best practice advice to help you run a successful global managed service programme.

4 ways to elevate your existing RPO programme

4 ways to elevate your existing RPO programme

Four ways to ensure we offer the best service possible that can be applied to any recruitment programme. 

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