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Automate, optimise and accelerate your talent acquisition with RPO Essentials

RPO Essentials allows businesses of all sizes to enjoy the expertise and benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) without the typical time or resource requirements.

Taking only the core elements of a typical outsourced solution we can help you to:

Advance your attraction tools

- with sourcing experts based across the globe, we will help you develop your employer value proposition and recruitment campaigns to attract the right talent wherever you need it. Optimising your job adverts, building fully responsive careers sites, creating targeted social media and e-mail promotion, we’ll get your jobs in front of the right audience.


Improve your hiring experience

- using the latest recruitment tools and best practice we’ll automate and optimise your processes to make the whole experience smooth, simple and speedy. Candidates, hiring managers and suppliers will all become your brand advocates.

Reduce your risk

- our implementation and compliance experts ensure everyone is on-boarded correctly, whether that’s teaching them the processes and systems when our service starts or it’s ensuring all the correct legal boxes are ticked before they start working for you.

Drive cost efficiencies

- information is power, using our spend tracking and recruiting expertise we will show you what you're spending and where, advising you on how much you should be paying and where you should be spending it.

RPO Essentials can simplify and improve your recruitment and candidate experience in just four weeks.

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