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Understanding and navigating the complexities of workforce strategy is what we do best, here are some examples from around the globe of how we've enabled our clients and developed lifelong partnerships.

By supporting our clients through their workforce challenges with a new approach to delivering on their workforce objectives.

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ANZ case study local governement

Australia | Local Government | MSP

Improved governance, compliance and cost controls through implementation of VMS with a complex organisation.

China Chemical RPO Talent

China | Chemical | RPO

We created a talent pool from internal and external databases to identify senior candidates who were a good match and whose non-compete agreements were set to expire.

Pharma & Life Sciences case study

Europe | Life Sciences & Pharma | MSP

Harmonised and efficient procurement process for contingent workforce as well as workload reduction for procurement and the managers.

Germany GE

Germany | Global Conglomerate | MSP | General Electric

GE and Hays have created a supplier portfolio, optimised in terms of quality and quantity by using scorecards, supplier development programmes and workforce assessments.

Semiconductors germany

Germany | Semiconductors | MSP

We helped our customer obtain a complete overview of all external employee assignments, thereby maximising efficiency and standardising compliance policies.

Malaysia | Chemical | RPO

Increased candidate satisfaction with better service and engagement which resulted in higher rate of offer acceptance.

Financial services case study

USA | Financial Services | MSP

Find out how we took an organisations' time to offer from 23 business days to 12 and saved them $41 million.

Manufacturing Canada USA case study

USA & Canada | Manufacturing | RPO

New processes provided better efficiency and standardisation allowing us to address four different hiring changes in the past three years.

Canada case study telecoms

Canada | Telecommunications | MSP

By enabling and streamlining these processes we were then able to focus on developing innovative and forward-thinking strategies for our client.

automotive case study

Europe | Automotive | RPO for Tech

Tailoring our engagement and focusing on improving the application process we have increased candidate applications by 40%.

Telecommunications case study

Europe | Telecommunications | MSP

Success in rolling out a multi-country MSP in a complex environment, enabling us to roll out a cost saving strategy that saved £1m in year one.

Germany IT

Germany | IT | MSP

With the introduction of our central VMS 3 Story Software, the procurement processes could be centralised and the staffing speed increased.

Technology case study

Global & UK | Technology | Early Careers & Total Talent

Reducing time to hire from 116 days to 56 days, improving the candidate journey and increased satisfaction.

construction case study

UK | Construction | MSP

With the right suppliers and segmentation, this organisation has seen a significant increase in supplier fill rates from 86% to 94%.

Manufacturing case study

USA | Manufacturing | MSP

Read how we enabled an organisation streamline their processes to find and engage talent when they needed it at a fair price.

Manufacturing case study

USA & UK | Manufacturing | MSP

Co-developed new polices after this company split from their larger Life Sciences group to achieve the business results they desired.

China chemical RPO

China | Chemical | RPO

Through strategic sourcing and synchronisation we halved time-to-offer rate, from 156 days to 72 days.

Banking and Finance case study

Europe | Banking & Investment | Total Talent

Hybrid MSP model to reflect different supply channel requirements, with a Global account and governance structure​.

Europe Engineering

Germany | Engineering | MSP

Increase in process transparency and satisfaction by replacing an existing MSP and providing a neutral interface.

Germany Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA case study

Germany | Media | MSP | Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

We successfully replaced an existing provider with our MSP and VMS service and achieved a consolidation of eight independent companies of the group.

Malaysia | Chemical | RPO

Halved time-to-fill rate in first 3 months, from 68 days to 32 days and now steadily maintaining time-to-fill under 25 days.

IT case study

UK | IT | Total Talent

Building quantified talent pools ready for speedy deployment, stronger engagement with the contractors and the assurance of supply.

USA Canada manufacturing RPO case study

USA & Canada | Manufacturing | RPO

Based on our “Find and Engage” methodology to standardise processes and open channels not previously available.

Financial services case study

USA & UKI | Financial Services | Direct Sourcing

How the implementation of Direct Sourcing in an outdated Managed Service Programme achieved unprecedented improvements.

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