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About us

About us

We don’t just supply the skills you need to succeed, we create and deliver workforce solutions, globally, to see you thrive.

The world of work is built on progress. That’s why from CMO to total talent solutions, MSP to RPO, our philosophy centres on:

  • - Anticipating and preparing: harnessing emerging trends to power success
  • - Being the catalyst: acting as agents of change to get work done better
  • - Providing certainty of outcome: no matter how complex, we deliver

Whether it’s advising you on where to locate a new office and how to staff it, or the everyday maintenance of your contingent talent pools, our programmes are designed to support your journey, wherever it takes you.


Born problem solvers...

Faced with a growing temporary workforce and rising staffing costs in 1994 a leading global bank turned to their key staffing supplier, Hays, for advice on how to increase the visibility and control of their hiring. A pure play specialist recruiter at the time we worked with the client to develop the best response, one company and system to manage all their recruitment for them. Following a review of all the solutions available the client awarded us with our first managed service. We installed people, process and technology to deliver the service and the rest as they say is history...

Founded based on our market expertise, technical excellence, partnership approach and ability to understand client needs, the thing we never forget – our success comes from helping you achieve yours. That’s why we like to start every relationship before the RFI or RFP, before the decision of what service is required, helping you explore the best possible solution for your needs.