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As an increasing number of high profile corporate court cases and big fines hit the headlines regulations have grown more complex. It can feel hard to keep up. Juggling increasingly burdensome compliance tasks, whilst supporting strategic organizational objectives, is increasingly difficult.  

Risk can take many forms, requiring expertises across the resourcing process. Offloading some of these tasks frees you up to focus on undertaking the strategic steps necessary, whilst turning some of the typically fixed costs into variable costs, reducing your exposure to macro trends. 

Lowering risk is the most common reason companies turn to us to support their resourcing, leaving us with the track record to reassure you that you're in safe hands.

SOW to save the day
Not a day goes by that data regulation isn’t big global news. Data might be big business, but it’s also a big risk. So when one of our clients, in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, undertook an upgrade of the HR platform, where all the personal and employment data was held, which also happened to control the physical and logical access controls, it was not a project to be taken lightly.

As the project progressed a requirement for a global cleanse was identified. The catch? It would need to completed on the weekend prior to Monday go live, in just four weeks’ time. Plus there would be an additional query resolution service, required from go live for a four week period.

The size of the task was outside of the scope of the internal project headcount and would need to be outsourced.

As the onsite MSP the Hays team were contacted to “brainstorm” a potential solution before outsourcing to an IT outsource vendor. Through discussions it became clear the Hays onsite team could deliver this project as an extended scope of the service under a separate SOW contract, much more competitively and avoid any project delays.

The Hays solution was to provide a fully screened, tested, assessed and vetted team of Data Cleansers, paid on a project completion basis and managed via Hays supervisors, invoiced via consolidated invoicing.

The result
Outstanding productivity levels and Hays ability to support the project globally led to the project being replicated for the international investment bank around the world.

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