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When it comes to resourcing we all have different needs, peaks and troughs in demand. Sometimes it’s cyclical and better workforce planning is the answer, sometimes it unforeseen, a big client win dictates the need to up-scale quickly, or an internal restructure. Recruitment outsourcing allows businesses the flexibility in scope and scale to respond.

Project hiring to meet increased demandWhen an insurance and financial services specialist downsized their internal resourcing team and then faced an increase in demand from the business, they turned to us to help them plug the gap.

Tasked with hiring a team of 70 call centre workers just outside a large market town in the north of England, Hays had to ensure they were all ready to work on the same fixed date, in two months’ time.

Having already exhausted the local market themselves, and their constant advertising causing candidates to wonder, ‘why are they always hiring?’, we mobilised a team of 10 specialists to get them back on track. Following team training on telephone interviews and the scoring process required to meet complex compliance and hiring requirements that comes with financial services, the team launched their search. In addition to the traditional methods of advertising like job boards, the team utilised our social media expertise with a Twitter and Facebook campaigns, as well as launching a referral scheme and reaching out to local universities, colleges and government backed job centres.

The result
Delivery 100% against the requirements of course!

Filtering through the masses to find the best talentWhen it comes to early careers recruitment it’s not just attracting the right candidates that’s the problem, but also how do you screen all the candidates to identify the very best when they have the most limited experience information to go on.

So when a government funded organisation need to attract candidates with the right attitude and aptitude to succeed in for a variety of apprenticeships, they turned to us. As the problem was confined primarily to these stages rather than a complete outsource Hays took a modular approach, delivering only candidate attraction and screening.

Using a combination of both passive and active candidate engagement, from campaigns with key education partners to social media and targeted sector specific advertising, Hays delivers a suitable pipeline of candidates for the apprenticeships.

The result
Applicants are then filtered through a combination of academic, experiential and behavioural success criteria to create a talent pool of high calibre, pre-screened potential apprentices. This delivers immediate access for the client’s in-house team to the candidates with the right attitude and aptitude.

Big win requires big talentBeing a service based business we understand the importance of being able to scale up and down quickly to meet your clients needs. So when an international provider of loyalty management solutions were experiencing a strong growth phase and landed a big client it was something we could relate to.

Left with an extraordinarily high need for personnel, especially in marketing and sales, the extensive recruitment activities required could no longer be handled by internal HR staff alone. The excessive workload and resulting dissatisfaction among candidates affected not only recruitment results, but also the company’s image.

So that vacancies can be quickly filled with the right candidates and internal HR staff can be relieved of the massive workload, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner was needed to take over the handling of selected positions. The RPO was supposed to be integrated into internal HR and should assume and handle all aspects of recruitment management.

Upon consultation and appointment Hays implemented an individually-tailored recruitment solution, with the loyalty expert turning over part of its internal recruitment process to Hays, while other important elements, such as the recruitment strategy and the final selection of candidates remained in-house.

The result
This enabled them to react flexibly to increased recruitment demands and quickly acquire the most appropriate candidates, sparing their teams of the laborious tasks so they can quickly return to focusing on their core business activities.

Speaking of her experience the Head of HR Consulting & Recruiting said: "Hays saves us an enormous amount of time when it comes to pre-screening and pre-assessing incoming applications, and they ensure that the quality of the candidates coming into our departments is very high. The recruiters supplied to us by Hays are very professional and were able to quickly integrate themselves into our company structure and business needs and have since become much sought-after contacts for the members of our management team. Thanks to Hays’ RPO support we have been able to markedly shorten our candidate response times as well as the amount of time from initially advertising jobs to final recruitment. Because of Hays we can be certain that we’re not letting any of the best candidates get away.” 

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