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ATC Contingent Workforce Workshop

Hays Talent Solutions are one of the world’s leading experts in recruitment outsourcing and managed service provision, assuming primary responsibility for the management of sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary, contract and other non-permanent workers for a range of organisations in Australia and globally.

As such, we are sponsoring the 2018 ATC Contingent Workforce Workshop events and we are pleased to be able to offer you a 20% discount.

When: 8th November
Where: Sydney, Australia

When: 13th November
Where: Melbourne, Australia

Contact us here for your discount code before securing your tickets.

The sessions planned as part of the event include:

Contingent model – by accident or designMany contingent recruitment models evolve by default whereas others are created by design. We’ll explore your unique business drivers and how they best fit to a variety of contingent workforce models, helping you to determine the best path forward for your unique needs.

Visibility, transparency and optimisationIn this session, we’ll workshop you through how you can define your contingent worker, what it takes to gain full workforce visibility, understand cost structures, common issues and how can you optimise the performance of your contingent Workforce.

Contingent journey mapAn interactive session where we’ll share an eight-point framework used to benchmark a contingent workforce and you’ll be invited to plot your current state against your future desired state. Using the collective intelligence in the room, we will exchange knowledge and tips with one another on how we can create a world class contingent workforce.

Contingent Labour Law in 2018 and beyondAn expert employment lawyer will discuss key developments over the past year, including new labour hire licencing laws and their impact for those procuring and supplying “on hire” workers, latest buzz around “sham contracting”, risks to companies who fail to meet their legal responsibilities to workers, and more.

Contingent HR talent tech panel & pitchIn this session, you’ll be introduced to a panel of emerging recruitment technologies that are helping contingent functions to scale, connect, optimise and save.

Optimising the ROI on your contingent recruitment model We know that calculating ROI on your contingent workforce and connecting it to your business drivers is important. but, what if you could readily adapt your model to a range of scenarios that will lead you to understand how to optimise the ROI on your contingent model?