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Tackling SOW and beyond

The number of contingent workers within an organisation is rapidly growing and this is changing how our workforces are shaped. The need to outsource services for specific projects has increased but at a cost with little visibility.

Procurement leaders are having to rethink their processes to be on-top of costs but need the resources, tools and knowledge to take back control and have the ability to effectively manage these costs.

To do this companies need meaningful data and the ability to report on this data to have an overview of spend. This will enable them to start managing this spend, establish savings, work on spend optimisation and build strategies around it.

How can this be achieved?Services Procurement will enable you to gain full insight of your Professional Services Spend by using state of the art tools and dedicated subject matter expert resources, as a result your company will be provided with meaningful data to help develop a Spend Management and Spend Optimisation programme.

Hays Talent Solutions can provide you with one tool that includes consistent process policies and procedures that can be used company wide.

As a result your company will be able to better manage the costs and establish savings, with the right spend optimisation and strategies in-place.