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Do you have questions about Services Procurement? Read all frequently asked questions about Services Procurement here:

What is Services Procurement?

A process used to help manage and optimise services spend. 

You can’t control what you can’t see, this approach enables companies to take back control and have better visibility on their services spend and removes any potential risk of not having this visibility.

What are the benefits of Services Procurement?Services Procurement removes any likely risk by providing visibility on your services spend. The tools will provide you with insight of your Professional Services Spend and develop a Spend Management and Spend Optimisation programme and enable you to become a true business partner with the your different category owners.

Where should I choose to invest?

  • Your colleagues require training, knowledge and resources to enable them to engage with this approach. Investment in this is key to help with employee engagement
  • Investment in state of the art technology to enable you to achieve the visibility that you need on your services spend. To allow you to create and deliver a new strategy for spend optimisation based on the findings from your data
  • Change can be difficult, especially when it comes to processes. Look into change management initiatives that you can implement to help overcome the resistance

What challenges could I face when implementing?

Internal buy-in might be your biggest challenge. Engaging in a new process can be daunting for some and many are resistant to change. Getting everyone on-board can be difficult as services spend can relate to specific local needs to complete a process so they may feel held up with these process changes. 

To prevent this, procurement need to communicate the benefits and show that these changes will maximise available budgets and help to secure better services. Investment in the correct training and resources to assist will also help with this.