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Intelligent resourcing, it's what we do. Below is a sample of the insight we share with our clients.


Global Skills Index 2018

Key trends and challenges facing organisations as they search for the most sought-after talent.


Hays Journal Issue 15

Hays Journal Issue 15

The latest Hays Journal is out now! This issue looks at the impact of Blockchain on HR, how to protect brand reputation and more.


Deloitte Skilled Cities

Skilled Cities

Where should you be opening your next UK office? Find out from this city profiling report and our recent webinar with Deloitte.


Embracing Global Contingent Workforce Management

How can you prepare to overcome the challenges faced when taking your contingent workforce global?

Reducing total workforce costs through strategic procurement

Discover how procurement can prove its strategic expertise and help address the biggest challenge facing boards today: access to talent.

Insight- How to build your business case for MSP and RPO

How to build a business case for MSP and RPO

Find out to build a business case for recruitment outsourcing to win over those key stakeholders.

The benefits of outsourcing

Why outsource? 

You want access to the best talent, but what other benefits can outsourcing offer?


Outsourcing definitions

Outsourcing glossary

RPO, MSP, VMS...outsourced recruitment can feel like a foreign language. 

Talent Aquisition Market

One third of talent acquisition outsourced 

In need of an introduction to the outsourced recruitment market?

Understanding the UK Apprenticeship Levy

Get the latest on what the Apprentice Levy means for you and how to make the most of it.

Diversity & Inclusion 2018

Diversity & Inclusion report 2018

Practical recommendations to enhance your diversity and inclusion policies to ensure effective talent management and secure better operational performance.

Employment Law Bulletin 2018

Employment Law Bulletin Spring 2018

The bulletin includes Taylor Review updates, Brexit insights and news about GDPR to help you discover the best approach to hiring for your organisation.

DNA of a CPO

The makings of a Chief Procurement Officer

Providing aspiring CPOs in Australia and New Zealand with insight on how they can reach the top procurement job based on the experiences of successful CPOs.

Our thoughts in action

Tools to build a diverse workforce

Discover the ten essentials methods for creating a diverse and inclusive organisation.

ABSL Report

Europe's Business Services Destinations

Moving to a business service centre approach? Not sure where to locate? Or roles to cover? Hays, ABSL, Deloitte and JLL profile 20 cities in 10 European countries.

Translating diversity policy into progress

See how businesses are addressing gender diversity at work by watching back our webinar on the findings of our latest diversity report.

Optimising professional services

Wrapping your services spend under one banner can help to reduce cost and risk.

IR35 Update: Private Sector preparations

Listen to our webinar to gain insight into the hot topic of IR35 and when you should be preparing for the change.

Which RPO model?

Which outsourcing model is for you?

Discover how to decide which recruitment outsourcing model is for you.

Hays global salary guides

Are you paying enough?

Benchmark your salaries with Hays salary guides from around the world. 

What Workers Want 2018 Report

What Workers Want report 2018

This report looks at the four stages of the applicant journey; Search, Apply, Decide and Join.

Contractor Day Rate Guide 2018 - download

Technology Contractor Day Rate Guide 2018

What does the technology recruitment market look like today, and how should you prepare for tomorrow?

Find & Engage

Find & Engage

Find & Engage combines our best practices with new technology and data science techniques to ensure we find the best talent. 

Gender Diversity Report

Discussing diversity

Improving communication and addressing how to open the dialogue between employers and employees to enable progress.

Public Sector: IR35 lessons learnt

Learn how engagers in the public sector have successfully tackled the new legislation and lessons learnt that might help those in the private sector.

How to align Talent Acquisition with Strategic Sourcing

Gain exclusive insights on the procurement industry’s biggest challenges as some most commonly asked questions are addressed. 

State of Resourcing Ireland

What matters most in resourcing?

Providing HR professionals with an in-depth understanding of how Irish companies prioritise the key factors impacting recruitment.

State of resourcing

Best practice in resourcing

Discover best practice resourcing case studies and insight from across the UK.

Diverse workforce report

Why diversity efforts fail

Are organisations practicing what they preach?

Global trends in talent solutions in 2017

What can you do to address your contingent workforce challenges? Find out with our latest webinar.