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Intelligent resourcing, it's what we do. Below is a sample of the insight we share with our clients.

Which RPO model?

Which outsourcing model is for you?

Discover how to decide which recruitment outsourcing model is for you with our latest handy guide.

The benefits of outsourcing

Why outsource?

You want access to the best talent, but what other benefits can outsourcing offer? 

Global Diversity Report 2016

Power female ambition

Uncover the continued gender divide and recommendations on how you can over come it. 

Outsourcing definitions

Outsourcing glossary

RPO, MSP, VMS...outsourced recruitment can feel like a foreign language. 

Talent Aquisition Market

One third of talent acquisition outsourced 

In need of an introduction to the outsourced recruitment market?

Take the resourcing assessment

Staff engagement ideas for action

Discover the differences between what employees and employers think drives staff engagement. 

Hays global salary guides

Are you paying enough?

Benchmark your salaries with Hays salary guides from around the world. 

GSI Insight Card Image 330

Recruiting across the globe?

Discover how labour markets around the world have fared post the financial crisis and recovery. 

7 key factors in resourcing

Hays Ireland Managing Director, Richard Eardley explores where the pitfalls and opportunities lie. 

State of Resourcing Ireland

What matters most in resourcing?

See what business across Ireland rated as most important in resourcing.

State of resourcing

Best practice in resourcing

Discover best practice resourcing case studies and insight from across the UK.

Diverse workforce report

Why diversity efforts fail

Are organisations practicing what they preach?

Our thoughts in action

Our thoughts in action

Read our case studies to see what all this thinking means in reality.