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Recruitment outsourcing and managed services are transforming how companies recruit and manage their workforce. Yet the terms have such different meanings in different markets and different countries it’s difficult to know what exactly is RPO?

Introducing 'Recruitment Outsourcing Made Simple' our guide to the concepts, models and terminology of one of the industry’s most exciting and fastest growing services.

Covering all the fundamentals this series is designed to support those new to the subject, helping you to see how you can improve the cost and efficiencies of your recruitment process.

Over the course of the series we’ll explore:
• a market overview;
• an explanation of the different terms and acronyms;
• a deeper dive into how RPO and MSP work;
• an overview of the benefits an organisation should derive from outsourcing, and;
• tips on how to engage and procure services.

We start with an overview of the market, introducing the key concepts, models and processes.

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RPO part 1

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