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As the economy picks up and skills shortages show no signs of improving, the increasing pressure on resourcing professionals looks set to reach boiling point.

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Understanding the state of resourcing

In the first half of 2014, we surveyed over 150 resourcing professionals from organisations of all sizes across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, in order to gain insights into seven key areas of resourcing:

UK State of Resourcing 2014

For each of these seven areas of resourcing, survey respondents were asked to rank their organisation’s capability against several best practice statements and were then asked to rank the importance of each statement to their current resourcing strategy.

We have analysed the data and commentary, enabling us to establish a barometer of UK resourcing capability against a measure of importance. The percentage difference between the ratings for each area is referred to as the ‘capability gap’, showing businesses where to focus their attention.

Key findings

Our research highlighted key themes that clearly demonstrate the constantly increasing levels of sophistication involved in successfully delivering a resourcing strategy, and the increased level of capability across the profession in many areas. However there are still a number of areas of improvement that require focus and investment in order to address key challenges that are critically important to achieving organisations objectives. For example:

  • 52% offer a poor-to-average candidate experience
  • 24% have poor measurements on the quality of hires
  • 36% have poor resource planning capability
  • Nearly half believe their technology platforms are poor at integrating with other systems


In the summary of this report you'll find our seven step plan to achieve best in-class resourcing.

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