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Contingent workers are becoming increasingly more important in the workforce,
not just as a stop gap, but as a strategic piece in organizations’ success.

There are many challenges when it comes to managing your contingent workforce, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or difficult process. So, what is the key to a successful Managed Service Program? It’s simple:

  • People - Subject matter experts with cross-industry global expertise adding an enhanced experience to every component of your program.
  • Process - Optimized end to end processes with a single point of accountability for the entire contingent workforce program.
  • Technology - Enhanced visibility and control over your workforce contributing to decreased risk within the organization.
  • Brand - Increased brand attraction and retention for all potential hires as well as contractor experience.
  • Insight - Strategic market insights that will contribute to making informed competitive decisions, negotiating cost and securing the right skills ahead of your competition.
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Start reducing risk while taking advantage of the beneifts a Managed Service program provides

A Managed Service Program (MSP) is now the most common method for enterprises to engage their contingent workforce with over 60% engaging a third-party service provider.

Organizations are evolving. Not only will an MSP make finding contingent, contract or interim staff faster and more efficient, but it will also ensure you have a consistent pipeline of candidates with the skills you need to make your projects a success.


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