No matter the transformation your organisation is contemplating or going through, the challenge remains the same; aligning your workforce strategy to deliver the talent you need to meet your wider business objectives. 

Whether it’s having the right organisational structure, composition or processes, improving external perception or internal capabilities, we’ll partner with you to identify, develop and deliver what you need to achieve those priorities. 


Assessment and selection

As traditional methods of managing and measuring talent are re-considered and the need for speedy hires accelerates, 59% of candidates report having been put off a role by a poor experience at interview stage. Seemingly, despite access to more advanced data and tools, many organizations are falling short when it comes to assessment. We can help make sure you aren’t one of them. 

Based on hiring performance data from our experience working with thousands of corporate and SME organisations across the globe, our team of assessment and development experts understand how to determine a great fit between people and the requirements of your organisation.  As we are not tied to any specific test publisher, we can objectively select the most appropriate exercises in the market to assess potential.

Our comprehensive suite of selection support products and our experienced assessment practitioners can help you to improve business results through people. We do this by designing, developing and delivering assessment processes, exercises and tools to enable accurate future job performance predictions, whilst delivering an optimal candidate and hiring manager experience. 

No two roles assessment requirements are the same, which is why we offer a full suite of assessment services, including: 

• Ability testing to provide an accurate predictor of ‘on the job performance’ 

• Personality profiling to aid your understanding an individual’s underlying traits and potential to perform at a higher level 

• Assessment centres design, build and delivery to aid volume assessment

• Internal assessor training workshops to improve your hiring managers assessment and selection skills

• Assessment reviews or your current practices to identify improvement strategies


EVP and talent acquisition

One of the biggest challenges for any business today is developing and maintaining your organisation’s reputation as a great place to work- your employer brand. Whilst many have an idea of what they have to offer their workforce, few know how to make it compelling to the new and evolving skills sets and worker types they need to access.  

Not only do you have to break through the noise with a compelling story that appeals to your target audiences, but with the rise of social media and review sites, your employees, suppliers and contingent workers will all be airing their views on the day-to-day people management, company values and their experience of your workplace culture. 

Whether it’s working with our employer branding experts to uncover your company’s unique appeal to workers; aligning your employee value proposition (EVP) to your company’s mission statement, values, culture and your target skill profiles; or leveraging your employees and the most effective channels to sure your available positions are seen by the right people at the right time; our recruitment marketing experts can support you in elevating your employer brand. 

We offer a wide range of services, including:

• Auditing your current reputation, including market, internal, senior leadership and candidate journey assessment

• Employer value proposition development

• Creation of unique, traffic driving, recruitment and referral campaign assets

• Employer brand ambassador programmes

• Multi-channel attraction campaigns

• Design and development of mobile and search engine optimised campaign career sites


Technology advisory and implementation

For every business challenge there seems to be technology solution, and recruitment is no exception. However, keeping up with the pace of change, identifying the right tool for you, and managing the associated change can often feel as complex as the problem you’re trying to solve in the first place.

From defining your need and gaining stakeholder buy-in, to project managing the implementation and associated stakeholder management and even technology optimisation, our technology experts cover every step of your technology journey.   

Because we know technology integration is key, we take a holistic approach, covering all aspects of the recruitment value chain, from sourcing through to off-boarding, so no matter where your challenge lies we can advise you on the right solution and the required change management. 

Hays is already leveraging a wide array of next-generation technology, from AI to RPA, either as part of our proprietary technology or through one of our partnerships, such as:

• Beeline

• d.vinci

• Fieldglass

• LaunchPad

• Lumesse

• Shortlist

• Success factors

• Tempbuddy

• Workday

But we know the market never stands still, which is why our dedicated innovation group is constantly monitoring testing and evaluating the technology landscape, so you can be sure you’re always getting the best advice based on the latest options. 


Diversity and Inclusion

Ecosystems thrive on diversity, and the world of business is no different. But, the journey to building a truly diverse and inclusive workplace can often be a long and daunting one.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace brings people of different experiences and backgrounds together, which – when managed well – creates a high-performance and innovative environment. Through our expertise and supplier partner network, we can help you recruit and retain a diverse range of talent and support your organisation’s commitments.

Whilst we endeavour to build best practice D&I efforts into all our programmes as a matter of course, our D&I experts can work with you to develop the dedicated tools, processes, policies and training focused on inclusion, and embracing difference and developing a culture of belonging, so that a diverse workforce will follow. This covers everything from role design, to remove bias, to creating compelling employer value propositions and recruitment campaigns that appeal to diverse groups. 



Sensationalist news headlines on the rise of AI and digitalisation ensure employees are increasingly aware of their vulnerability. However, doing the right thing by your employees as you seek a nimbler talent strategy is paramount. To support your efforts and smooth the transition we offer a range of modular outplacement support options. 

To enable you to focus on staff retention and engagement – and maintain your hard-won value as a recognised employer of choice – our services are designed to get to the very heart of these issues. 

Whether you’re seeking support to move your employees to new jobs faster, or seeking to better understand your current workforce’s skills, preferences and potential, our career coaches and programmes can be deployed to support one employee or thousands via:

• Online support

• One-to-one coaching

• Group workshops 

• Executive coaching

• Skills and personality testing

• On-site assistance

• Re-deployment support

• Recruitment expertise to help your employees move on


Salary benchmarking 

Everyone thinks they should be paid more, but do your workers have a point? Whilst salary surveys can be useful for more junior levels, they rarely take in the complexities of the full package you offer, and for those more senior roles, they are almost redundant. 

Salary benchmarking can help you overcome this, by exploring the remuneration trends and full compensation package breakdown, so you can more accurately compare salaries and benefits. 

Thanks to our global recruitment business, not only do we know who is recruiting now and where, but we have invaluable insight into future recruitment plans industry-wide. This enables us to  provide you market intelligence and consultancy not just on your current employees, but future strategic hires. Plus, we have real-time access to current hiring data, so you can be sure you have the latest data, not a research report that is already a year out of date. 

Our research experts will also work with you to explore the context of this data, explaining what it means for your organisation and how the outcomes compare to your size, sector and peers. 


Executive search

Strong leadership makes the difference between a good organisation and a great one. However, such leaders are all too rare; they know their worth, as do those employing them.

It’s vital you have an effective talent strategy focused on those who can deliver the objectives of your organisation. Our executive search experts specialise in developing programmes designed to find the most accomplished and successful leaders to take the reins at your organisation. 

We tailor our approach and services based on the needs and values of your organisation, using a range of techniques to acquire leaders who will drive your business to a successful future. We provide our services in a modular approach, recommending only those that most effectively meet your needs, including:

• Benchmarking to help you pitch your vacancy at the right level

• Competency framework development to accurately reflect the needs of the job and the organisation

• Interim management to fill the vacant role till you make your permanent appointment

• Advertising and campaign management leveraging our market-leading discounts on national and specialist media

• Response management to maximise conversion ratio from interest to applicant, including out-of-hours availability for enquiries

• Selection process design and delivery to support hiring manager decision making

• Offer management to negotiate terms, take references and confirm the appointment

• Executive coaching to support them in their first 100 days of employment 

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