International Delivery Centres


We manage over 200 workforce solution contracts internationally, covering every combination of temporary and permanent recruitment.
With on and off-site delivery teams managing niche, high volume, white and blue collar, executive, middle and senior management recruitment; we require a high number of skilled and expert recruitment professionals who ensure that our global customers receive the highest quality of partnership.
We do also recruit entry level roles within our International Sourcing Centres and below will give you an idea of the sort of roles that we recruit for, but is by no means an exhaustive list so get in touch or view our open vacancies.

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Career options

Client Services
Our client facing teams enjoy a full immersion in our clients’ cultures and working practices, providing a solutions-oriented approach to all recruitment challenges. Roles can vary from Recruitment Partners, to Client Managers and Directors as well as Recruitment Coordinators.

Candidate Sourcing
Our delivery teams manage the recruitment of candidates for our customers, they are dedicated to specific clients and contracts. Using all recruitment methods available, harnessing social media platforms, traditional and on-line advertising, Boolean search techniques on proprietary and on-line databases they search for the best talent.


Our Compliance Team is responsible for managing the compliance process on behalf of both Hays and our customers. Every member of the team is fully trained in recruitment law, and understands the variations and varieties of compliance requirements we must implement and manage. Our team guide new hires through the pre-employment screening process, helping and aiding wherever possible.

Candidate Care
Every week we hire, pay, redeploy and extend the contracts of thousands of workers on temporary assignments through Hays. Our Candidate Care Team provides a dedicated point of contact for every temporary worker through the lifecycle of their assignment.

Sales & Solutions
Our approach to sales is based around a consultative framework and best practice RPO and MSP models. This helps us understand the unique nature of each customer, their strategic objectives, current state and future needs/wants, before we consider the best solution. It sets us apart from our competitors and ensures our proposals are tailored to deliver. This requires our sales team to be experts in their fields to give comfort to prospective customers that we are the right partner for them.
  Project Services
Our Project Services team comprises a range of specialists in project management, change management, process analysis, configuration analysis and technology. Our project managers are all Prince2 qualified and understand how to quickly scope and implement a new service to ensure the delivery of our customer’s objectives. They are supported by a team of systems configuration and business analysts who look at how a company currently works and assesses how to transition to the new service and configure any technology components.


About our international delivery centres

About our International Sourcing Centres

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Canada | Mississauga

  • 20 employees
  • 16 accounts served
  • 2 countries served
  • Approx. 2,000 jobs handled annually

Germany | Essen

  • 36 employees
  • 12 accounts served
  • 2 countries served
  • Approx. 1,500 jobs handled annually

Japan | Tokyo

  • 9 employees
  • 7 accounts served and 12 areas of expertise
  • On average 1 country served
  • 150 placements made annually

Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur

  • 40 employees
  • 10+ accounts served
  • 4 countries served
  • 400 placements made annually

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New Zealand | Auckland

  • 55 employees
  • 23 accounts served
  • 2 countries served
  • Approx. 3,000 jobs handled annually

Poland | Krakow

  • 150 employees
  • 12 accounts served
  • 23 countries served
  • 6,000 jobs handled annually

UK | Leicester

  • 180 employees
  • 87 accounts served
  • Global countries served
  • 6,500 jobs handled annually