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Supplying talent into Hays programmes

Our goal is ensuring organisations have access to the right skills, at the right time, for a fair price, to realise their potential.

Partnership means different things to different people. To us it means a mutually beneficial relationship, in which both parties transparently work together to achieve a common goal. Not false promises of endless possibilities.

We have an extensive in-house sourcing capability via our specialist recruitment business. This means we only engage suppliers in areas where we know we are not best placed, or best equipped, to source candidates for our clients to maintain the optimum level of programme performance.

Process efficiency, compliance, cost savings and automation are all foundational reasons why an organisation will consider engaging a workforce solutions provider. But by far the strongest reason is because they believe this provider can access and source talent better than they can themselves, which is why we focus on supplier enablement, not control.

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You get what you give

As a supplier into one of our programmes, we will ensure you are given the best opportunity to thrive. We’ll only introduce you to client programmes that best match your specialised knowledge and footprint. We will provide you with the tools, insights and opportunity to perform at your best, but as with any successful partnership, we do ask for an equal offering in return.

We will expect you to always provide the best talents to our clients within a reasonable timeframe and at a fair cost. That you will work within each client’s processes and guidelines and provide intelligence to our programme teams to ensure continued mutual success. We will also ask that you actively participate in two-way performance reviews.

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Actualisation not awards

As part of the performance review process we will acknowledge, recognise, and reward our highest performing supply partners. Not with certificates and superficial labels, but with meaningful dialogue about where there may be additional opportunity to support any other programmes, and how we might work better together.

The most basic ingredients to any business relationship are honesty and trust. Building trust is never easy, but if done well, the results are more than worth the effort.

If you share our partnership ethos and are interested in becoming a supplier partner to one of our programmes please write to us at :

  • Your registered company name
  • Where your company is geographically headquartered
  • Your name, role, business email address and contact telephone numbers
  • Your company website address

You will then be contacted by one of our partner team to explain the full registration process.