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Increase your competitiveness by procuring people-based SOW services most effectively.

Delivering value in services procurement

From IT services to HR, Marketing, Strategic Consulting and Facilities Management. Our Services Procurement Statement of Work (SOW) offering will ensure that your organisation can achieve the business outcomes it needs at a cost that represents the best possible return on investment.

We deliver increased competitiveness by simplifying and strengthening your end to end processes and by providing access to refined, real-time insights that can facilitate quicker and more informed decision making. And global category management plus buy-side business expertise to positively support the way your SOW requirements are defined and your people-based SOW suppliers are sourced, selected and engaged.

  • Practically differentiate between time and outcome-based resourcing strategies
  • Ensure full alignment with services procurement stakeholders and become the client of choice
  • Leverage our know-how to enable a more efficient, effective and informed approach to the marketplace
  • Transform your services procurement practices into a strategically driven digital experience

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Key features and benefits

Our Services Procurement offering enables the holistic selection, engagement and output tracking of people-based SOW services. Centred on engagement managers priorities but designed to deliver value across the full stakeholder spectrum. We offer a range of strategic, tactical and transactional interventions organised around the five pillars below:

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Our Services Procurement clients realise significant benefits

  • Helping budgets go further

Managers will be able to select the best value service provider for their requirements based on practical decision tree support.

Leveraging economies of scale through enterprise level tracking of requirements and, where appropriate, spend consolidation with the highest performing service providers.

Fit for purpose tools and process management to oversee the services delivered, from milestone / deliverable approvals to outcome reporting and data analytics.

Minimising service provider cost of sale and reaping lower buying costs as a result.

  • Assuring project outcomes

Organisational upskilling of managers in best buying practices, reducing wasted effort, improving the clarity of requirement definitions and increasing your attractiveness as a customer of choice.

  • Inspiring a more dynamic supply network

Market intelligence and category expertise to ensure you are leveraging the full SOW service provider ecosystem, from the biggest brand consulting firms to individual subject matter experts and every type of service provider in between.

  • Improved work planning

A more business centric view of planned and future expenditure and requirements thanks to improved tracking and stakeholder alignment.

Services procurement page FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions about Services Procurement

What is Services Procurement?

Organisations need to procure a range of external services to operate effectively e.g. IT, HR, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Consulting and Facilities Management. Also referred to as “Indirect” spend, these are typically people-based purchases that are often intangible and do not directly add to the bottom line.

The term “Services Procurement” refers to the collection of processes and interventions that identifies and prioritises user requirements, locates potential sources of supply, negotiates and contracts with selected service providers and then oversees the delivery of agreed outcomes.

What are the key challenges of Services Procurement?

The changeability of needs, budgets and perceived value across an enterprise means that indirect business services are often procured in an inconsistent and fragmented way.

It can be difficult to obtain sufficient historical spend detail to identify where you could/should focus strategic attention. And it can be difficult to predict future requirements to maximise any competitive and commercial buying leverage.

What is a Statement of Work (SOW)?

An SOW is a document that details project/engagement specific activities, pricing, deliverables and timelines for a supplier who is providing  an outcome-based service to their client. Unfortunately, the expression ‘SOW’ has become detached from its origins as a project management term and it is now regularly misused as the catch all descriptor for a type of resource.

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