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Services procurement


Are you getting the most value?

The business services landscape is going through a revolution, and you can create competitive advantage by more strategically engaging the resources you need.

But too few organisations are set up to liberate this opportunity. Our services procurement solutions will make sure you are.

How often are you buying the same or similar services from a multitude of different suppliers, without any sense of what represents best value? How much wasted effort does this involve? How much does this unnecessarily drive up the cost of sale? How much does this impact your attractiveness as a customer of choice?

You can expediate organisational agility with a services and statement of work (SOW) programme that enables your operational managers to match their needs with the most appropriate resource, service and contract type.

Which when combined with engagement tracking all the way to the finishing line and recycling the commercial and organisational learning, will inevitably make you more successful in your market.

Drive value from your services spend

Like any business change programme your Services Procurement journey will vary depending on your existing level of maturity, your specific business needs and the scale of your ambition to influence and impact success.

Our service procurement experts can support you to accelerate this journey by developing a solution tailored with all those aspects in mind. For example:
You don’t know what you don’t know
We will work with you to identify opportunities and build a case for change

You made a tentative start, but your programme seems to have stalled
Our procurement experts will advance your thinking, whilst our programme team bring new energy to your plan of action

You have made good headway but only in relatively non-contentious areas
We’ll equip you with the tools, techniques and insight to align your stakeholders in taking the next step and being bolder in their thinking

You are advanced in your approach and ambitious to achieve more
Together we’ll identify the art of the possible and how you best get there

You bring the opportunities, we’ll bring the know how

To help your organisation realise its potential we offer:

  • Dedicated services procurement expertise to elevate your thinking and help you tackle those procurement challenges
  • Programme and change management to bring your stakeholders along on the journey and drive engagement
  • State of the art tools to optimise your processes

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to source and manage any of your outcome-based business services, from independent contractors through to the largest consulting providers, contact us.