Our values


People are at the heart of everything we do.

When you engage with our services, it’s the dedication, passion and expertise of our people that will empower you to get work done better.

And while we may work across different continents, speak different languages and have different beliefs, we share a set of values that guides our decision-making and shapes our culture.


Build partnerships

Partnerships power what we can achieve.

Collaboration and inclusivity are at the heart of our approach. We create workforce solutions together, learn from each other and share our knowledge and expertise to empower shared success.


Think Beyond

Our desire for knowledge is what drives us forward.

We are committed to continually challenging the status quo, bringing an open and inquisitive mind that considers every angle and doesn’t settle for business-as-usual.

Our teams see the big picture today, while building a long-term perspective of tomorrow that anticipates and welcomes change, enabling us to be confident in our advice and agile in our approach.


Do the right thing

We always act in the best interests of our candidates, clients, communities and colleagues.

While there may be a range of solutions, we are committed to finding the right one every time, tailored to your specific needs, challenges and goals.

We stand by our commitments, deliver on our promises and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Our Beliefs

  • We believe that a culture built on trust, respect, equity and inclusivity will enable us to live our values, achieve our ambitions and deliver our purpose
  • We believe that diversity must be evident at all levels of our business and reflect the markets and communities we serve
  • We know that actions speak louder than words. Significant and enduring change will need our constant commitment

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Our Commitment

  • We will support equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms
  • We will place no limits on where we look for talent to join Hays
  • Our hiring decisions will be made on talent and potential alone
  • We will encourage people to speak up and speak out so that all voices are heard and listened to
  • We want all our people to succeed and will strive to help them to fulfil their career ambitions
  • We are open to learning and understand we can always do better
  • We will support our clients, suppliers and partners to deliver on their own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) ambitions
  • We will strive to live our purpose of creating opportunities and improving lives in all that we do