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Allan Daly bio

Allan has in excess of 21 years recruitment experience in the Irish Market and currently is the Hays Ireland Client Engagement Director. He is responsible for ensuring a best in class recruitment service to a myriad of clients across several key sectors.

All the clients that Allan has engaged with are extremely complex and vary in size from small to large enterprise, with many different hiring managers and functions to successfully recruit for.

He has designed and delivered large scale hiring campaigns but equally worked closely with smaller enterprises who are looking at scaling up. He is also adept at assisting organisations who are looking at Ireland as a destination to potentially expand their operations in Europe.

Allan possesses a unique understanding of a number of key industries including: Utilities, Energy, Technology, Financial Services, Banking, Construction & professional services Assisted overseas organisations establish their oversea base in Ireland, this included formulating their engagement approach with the local talent community and associated recruitment strategy.

Have developed recruitment strategies to successfully deliver up to 800 hires for a large-scale recruitment drive for a successful International BPM client Developed an outsourced recruitment model for an Irish Construction company operating internationally.