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Our partners

Our partners

Today what you own matters less than the resources you can connect. Thanks to our position at the centre of the skills ecosystem we're well connected when it comes to accessing the skills you need. From staffing suppliers to freelancer and online staffing platforms, vendor management systems to applicant tracking systems, industry associations and consultancies, we've already got the relationships you need.
As part of one of the world's leading specialist recruitment companies, Hays, we can tap into over 250 staffing offices across 33 markets. However, we recognise to provide client organisations with the best possible access to talent, wherever it lives, sometimes we need to go outside this network. To ensure success we have developed a powerful supplier enabling concept, based on our experience as a supplier ourselves, that we refer to as re-imagining the talent supply chain.
We work with the traditional staffing supply chain in a more enlightened way, while also extending the programme reach to include new sources of talent.

How do we work with suppliers?

While most traditional Supplier Partner management programs focus exclusively on controlling the supply chain, we focus on enabling our client managers and Supplier Partner partners to connect effectively and efficiently.
To achieve this, while still retaining the best benefits of a traditional controlling approach, our Supplier Partner engagement program follows a proven 6-stage process:
1.    Define strategy 
2.    Identify, assess and select
3.    Accredit and on-board
4.    Engage 
5.    Develop
6.    Audit