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Fulfilling the need for a collaborative and successful managed service programme partnership.


Company overview


Large Canadian Telecom company. Delivers a wide range of service innovations to consumers, businesses and government customers across Canada including LTE Advanced, Fiber Internet and TV, Wireless Home Internet, cloud and data hosting, IP voice and collaboration, and more.

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Fast facts

Fast facts canada telecoms msp

Delivered 750-800 hires annually using Fieldglass technology

Provided MSP, CMO & SOW services across all provinces and territories across Canada

Updated rate cards to reflect the current market resulted in a reduction of over 20%

100% compliant programme

canada telecomms msp challenge

The challenge

Our client’s previous MSP was providing no innovation, guidance, consultation or collaboration. It was a strictly transactional relationship with zero partnership, and it was clear the provider did not keep up with provincial guidelines or pertinent industry knowledge to educate our client.

In addition to these factors our client found workers were not documented properly and up to date on compliance paperwork, hiring managers were having trouble navigating the program, and the payroll process was cumbersome and inefficient. Overall, our client was not getting what they were paying from their MSP service. Key focus areas included, payrolling processes, identifying and properly classifying workers, and uncovering issues while rapidly resolving them.

Find out how enabling and streamlining processes enabled us to focus on developing innovative and forward-thinking strategies for our client below.

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