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Leveraging our market expertise, tailoring our engagement and focusing on improving the application process.


Company overview


A top 20 global engineering firm operating in the automotive sector, our client is a leading manufacturer of automotive technology, many of the vehicles we use today are powered by its propulsion systems and increasingly its power and battery technology, with 50000 employees globally across 22 countries.

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Fast facts

europe automotive rpo for tech fast facts

100-150 hires in engineering, systems and software

Increased candidate applications by 40%

Use of Textio tool to remove risk and bias from application process

Reduction of clicks required by a candidate reduced by 66%

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The challenge

The client needed to recruit a large number of highly skilled engineers and technologists in a short period of time. This was a new skillset for the company and they lacked the expertise to manage it in-house. The company has had a traditional sourcing approach in place for years, with resourcing managed by a combination of generalist recruiters and third party agencies. There was no differentiation in approach for specific sectors.

The talent segment is highly competitive and to add to the complexity, client was competing for talent with different markets. Therefore we had to make their proposition attractive and impactful, tailored to markets and designed to reach a passive talent market.

Find out how we increased the number of candidates per vacancy by 40% within the first 3 months of go live below.

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