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Due to our relationship with on-site presence, the time to hire has reduced significantly from 116 days to 56 days which has improved the candidate journey and increased satisfaction.


Company overview


A British semiconductor and software design company based in Cambridge, England

We had almost no supply into our client in the UK prior to being awarded the RPO, however were able to demonstrate through our Global Operating Model how we will deliver on the key problem statements identified by our client, coupled with our Global reach and understanding of the local and technical markets.

The RPO service has now expanded into Early Career as a key strategic focus for gaining tech skills, and into MSP for their contingent recruitment to provide a Total Talent Management service for UK.

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Fast facts

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13 countries, 3 key countries UK, USA, and India


Circa 2,000 hires a year in IT and Corporate Functions and 600 in experienced and Early Careers

Service satisfaction levels improved dramatically to 95% CSAT scores

Reduced time to fill for some roles from 30 business days


global uk technology challenge

The challenge

Time to offer was 116 days which led to lower fill rates and candidate’s satisfaction levels.

Our client had no issue attracting candidates but a strong need to enhance the application / recruitment process.

They were losing candidates to the likes of Apple who are known to have an excellent candidate journey and satisfaction levels. This had a huge impact on the Hiring Manager and candidate satisfaction levels.

Find out how we supported our client and created a seamless RPO implementation as well as continuous improvements.

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