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Global workforce solutions

Global workforce solutions

Globalisation, it’s been a hot topic for businesses since the 1980’s. Despite this few have managed to realise the benefits of this globally mobile talent pool.

Boundaries have been eroded, easing the flow of knowledge, resources and talent. Yet clear nuances remain, from the inescapable variances in economics and legal systems, to the deeply rooted cultural differences in taste, needs and wants. So how do you strike the balance to successfully tap into global talent? Just ask our clients.

Hub and spoke model for global delivery

When a Fortune 100 engineering and technology company sought to decrease their staffing cycle time, increase hiring manager satisfaction and improve the quality of new hires, they decided they needed a global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, who could deliver a consistent, cost-effective and scalable service for their permanent recruitment across the Middle East and Europe.

We came up with a co-source model, centred around a central multilingual resourcing hub in Poland and with a highly flexible team able to meet any peaks in demand from any country. Led by a Global Account Director supported by Regional Directors, each region has a dedicated staffing team of Client Managers and Resourcing Consultants assigned to specific business units and/or geographical locations.

These teams work seamlessly with the multinational conglomerate’s internal staffing team and supporting the hiring process from ‘requisition approval’ to ‘offer accept’. We source professionals from skilled graduate to senior management and leadership level, covering engineering, sales, marketing, facilities, finance, HR, admin, IT, legal and procurement profiles, across a range of industry sectors from Aerospace to specialist chemical products.

To respond to the strategic changes in hiring priorities we built dedicated ‘mini hubs’, networked to the central operation, to better resource priority markets. For example, when there an substantial rise on initial projections for hiring in Romania, as the language was not widely spoken outside the country, such as Romania, we set up a local hiring hub Bucharest.

The result

In the first year we exceeded the projected business case in terms of volume of hires, sales and profit. We saw hiring manager satisfaction score increases, improved candidate satisfaction scores, as well as a reduction of 13 days in average time to fill and reduced reliance on agencies.

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