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Project recruitment


Fail to plan, plan to fail. We all recognise the importance of planning, but sometimes even the most thorough of plans can’t predict what will derail a project. Getting you back on track can be much simpler.

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing solutions that future proof your business, with the flexibility to quickly scale up or down and a modular approach, we’re able to meet immediate project needs too. Sometimes recruitment outsourcing is the answer, when you’re not even sure what the question is yet.

Reducing work load for internal change

Supporting the business to meet the overall company objectives is all any function strives to do, but every team only has so much resource, meaning to facilitate large scale change you sometimes need to take a different approach.

Faced with an international SAP-rollout project covering 70 countries and 11,000 employees, a global speciality chemical specialist, required 50 additional employees, who were SAP specialists, within a year. To meet the timeframe effectively without loading too much work on the HR staff, the Swiss manufacturer considered putting a specialised supplier in place to manage the whole project.

Following consultation around the best response Hays was established as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and managed the entire recruitment process through a dedicated team, covering:

  • Take-over of vacancies and comprehensive requirements analysis with the operating departments
  • Design of recruitment strategy for the open positions with HR
  • Support in supplier selection, briefing as well as management
  • Design and publication of job ads, conceptualization and accomplishment of recruitment campaigns
  • Establishment and maintenance of a qualified candidate pool
  • Coordination and processing of sourcing requests via third parties
  • Applicant and candidate management, short listing and interview organisation
  • Regular management reporting
  • Conduction of internal HR interviews
  • Negotiations of offers

The result

A significant reduction in workload within just one month for the HR team, and of course 50 SAP specialists within the year in line with the roll out plan!

Supporting career transition

Faced with the challenge of significantly reducing their workforce whilst maintaining exceptional standards of front line service is unfortunately an all too familiar situation. With 970 'post deletions' expected during a three-year change programme, the HR department turned to us to support the large-scale transformation programme to make £83 million of savings.

We were bought on board to provide expert employee support to those individuals affected by this restructure, ensuring employees remained motivated and obtained the requisite skills to secure their future employment either elsewhere in the business or externally.

The whole transition programme was tailored to the employees to deliver positive outcomes whilst ensuring value for money. Aware that some employees may not have been through the interview process for many years, all staff affected by the restructure had the opportunity to attend an interview skills workshop. In addition, we created a series of Job Skills workshops and an online training programme, covering topics such as negotiating job offers, writing a good cover letter and networking.

The result

With 85% take up for CV-writing workshops, 51% for e-learning usage and 14% for 1:1 career coaching we managed to redeploy 25% of staff facing compulsory redundancy, and deliver £310,000 of savings in severance and recruitment costs.

Reducing consultancy spend

Having supported this British-Swedish multinational on an MSP basis for over a decade, overseeing the implementation of two different VMS systems and the creation of interfaces to two procurement systems, we’re no stranger to complex IT projects. So when we identified an area of IT that appeared to have a heavy reliance on consultancy spend, they didn’t hesitate in exploring our recommendation for how we could save them money here either.

In our experience you often find many of these consultants are day rate contractors that have been engaged specifically for that assignment and charged on to the customer at a premium. For this pharmaceutical giant we were able to identify many that met this profile and helped them to implement a hybrid model to actively manage the IT supply chain.

The result

Introducing the Vendor Neutral project to their IT team has had far reaching implications. Addressing their lack of visibility of who was on site or where they had come from and ensuring the necessary depth of background vetting had been completed to be allowed on-site.

Crucially the project has delivered $2 million in audited saving during the first six months.

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