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How Hays helped improve value, speed, and efficiency in an RPO service


Company overview


$1.4 billion industrial supplier offering motors, lighting, plumbing, tools, safety supplies, and more. Exporting over 900,000 products from more than 4,000 brands.

Before we launched our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service our client had a decentralized process for talent attraction. Hiring managers at individual locations decided how they would go to market for talent, which resulted in an inefficient and often ineffective approach whi le also resulting in the need to engage agencies to acquire the talent they needed. Managers were unhappy with the demand on their time and sometimes the quality of hires, while talent acquisition was unhappy due to cost, time-to-fill and time-to-offer.

Ultimately, due to theirdecentralized process, there was limited enterprise-level visibility and when hiring was difficult it affected productivity.

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Fast facts

usa canada manufacturing rpo speed fast facts

Roles hired: Light industrial, Engineering, Sales, Office Clerical, Client Service, Marketing


Reduced costs by 58 percent over 3 years, while still matching over 1500 roles with the best talent available


Time-to-fill reduced from 55 days to an average of 20 days


New processes provided better efficiency and standardization allowing us to address four different hiring changes in the past three years

usa canada manufacturing rpo speed challenge

The challenge

We implemented our RPO service, and a sourcing strategy based on our “Find and Engage” model to standardize cost and open channels not previously available. A thorough understanding of the client’s culture combined with our expertise and resources enabled us to introduce a centralized, best-in-class RPO process with a focus on sourcing talent direct.

Our team set out to improve in the fit and quality of hires as well as the implementation of increased talent pools and benches ready to meet their needs quicker and with better talent than they had before. Hiring managers were trained in new processes while our team worked with the talent acquisition team to provide promotion for available roles by leveraging their brand, and ours.

As a result sourced talent is now more qualified and tailored to the needs of the roles they are filling while talent pools have become available to pull from. Find out more below.

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