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The implementation of direct sourcing in an outgrown and outdated managed service program


Company overview


Largest global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, with 90 million customers. Spread across over 60 countries, with more than 60 billion dollars in revenue.

Our client had a long-standing relationship with an established MSP provider. Over time as the business evolved, their demands had out-grown the traditional process-based MSP and their provider was unable, or unwilling, to meet the challenge.

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Fast facts

usa uki financial services msp fast facts

Up to 1000 annual hires in the US and 50-100 annual hires in UK and Ireland

Roles hired include IT, finance, administrative, web services and infrastructure

Direct Sourcing has decreased time to fill by 25%


After process automation, data cleanup, and a manual review, we now present 100 percent accurate data

usa uki financial services msp challenge

The challenge

Our client’s previous provider offered little in the way of innovation or service development and the traditional ways of working made the service less agile and responsive. While the client’s talent profile and demand had changed their MSP model still focused on “controlling” staffing suppliers and was largely transactional. Our client needed an enhanced service for managers, ability to source new skills, but most importantly, a progressive talent partner.

Our goal was to implement a Talent Forward MSP with a focus on stakeholder engagement, talent acquisition and continuous improvement.

Find out how a combination of our Talent Forward MSP, underpinned by our Global Operating Method, Direct Sourcing, and Supplier Enablement strategies, supported our client to see unprecedented improvements.

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