Our values


Our values define how we do business and how we interact with our colleagues, partners, clients and candidates. As our business grows, when we recruit new talent or face new challenges, our values guide our people in the decisions and actions they take everyday. 


Passionate about people

We are in business because we believe in people.
We know the right person in the right role can change lives and transform organisations for the better – making that connection means everything to us.
With diligence, empathy and pride, we nurture the relationships needed to help organisations secure the talent they need to succeed, and help individuals make the most of every stage of their career.


The best way we can demonstrate commitment to our clients and candidates is through our ambition for them.
Their success is our success, so we don’t hold back. 
We make brave moves, aim high, and work hard every day to deliver the positive impact that achieving success in the world of work can bring to people’s lives.


People come to us because we’re the experts, with over 50 years of experience in recruitment and talent management. 
We combine that insight with deep specialist knowledge that enables us to place talent across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors all over the world. 
This professional know-how is indispensable – you simply cannot find, engage and place the right people in the right roles without it.


Beyond understanding the skills and experience of a candidate, there’s a real art to matching them with the right opportunity. 
It’s the art of being inquisitive about people and the world of work, building the depth of insight and awareness required to ensure the ideal cultural fit for any role. 
And when it comes to understanding the talent needs of organisations, that also takes vision, curiosity and instinct to help our clients achieve their full potential.


We are always seeking new and better ways to make that perfect match between client and candidate. 
This means being bold, agile and open to ideas – whether it be embracing new technologies, developing our people, or innovating the way we work. 
Our goal is simple: to stay one step ahead in creating the recruiting experience of tomorrow.

And the foundation of our values is to always...Do the right thing

Underpinning everything we do is our belief that we must always do the right thing. 
Doing the right thing enhances and protects our reputation, building trust with all our stakeholders, including candidates and clients. 
This unifies us and makes us stronger.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – Our Beliefs

  • We believe that a culture built on trust, respect, equity and inclusivity will enable us to live our values, achieve our ambitions and deliver our purpose
  • We believe that diversity must be evident at all levels of our business and reflect the markets and communities we serve
  • We know that actions speak louder than words. Significant and enduring change will need our constant commitment

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – Our Commitment

  • We will support equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms
  • We will place no limits on where we look for talent to join Hays
  • Our hiring decisions will be made on talent and potential alone
  • We will encourage people to speak up and speak out so that all voices are heard and listened to
  • We want all our people to succeed and will strive to help them to fulfil their career ambitions
  • We are open to learning and understand we can always do better
  • We will support our clients, suppliers and partners to deliver on their own Equity, Diversity and Inclusion ambitions
  • We will strive to live our purpose of creating opportunities and improving lives in all that we do