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Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides you with access to the right talent at the right time, in a scalable, cost effective way.

Many organisations turn to RPO providers when existing recruitment processes become inefficient, reliant on external agencies, when they need to downsize, or in-house teams struggle to scale to meet business requirements. It could be that high-volume requirements are causing capacity challenges, high rejection rates are leading to negative brand perceptions, or that niche requirements are taking so long to fill strategic projects progression is being restricted.

Outsourcing all or part of your recruitment frees your own teams up to focus on your core capabilities, supported by the latest talent acquisition technology, market insight and expertise to improve process efficiencies and hiring manager and candidate experiences.

Our focus is ensuring yours is the organisation of choice for the workers that will transform the future of your business.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy when outsourcing your recruitment are:

RPO benefits

Expert talent delivery combined with external strategic insight that provides:

  • Increased effectiveness in sourcing and retaining the right talent to meet strategic objectives
  • Market intelligence and insight to differentiate your employer brand
  • A true centre of excellence for your organisation, with International Sourcing and Shared Service Centres based across the World, in the USA, UK, Poland, India, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, to drive down costs and offer a flexible/scalable service
  • Recruitment marketing expertise to position you correctly, on the right channels, to ensure your jobs get in front of the right, engaged audience
  • Improvements in equality, diversity and inclusion to build truly effective teams. Visit our diversity hub to find out more

Cost savings and faster talent delivery that enables complete scalability to:

  • Improve visibility of both internal and external data that helps to drive cost control and deliver talent faster
  • Match peaks and throughs in hiring volume through improved productivity and transfer from fixed to variable cost
  • Make agency cost savings of 10-20% thanks to the guaranteed and transparent opportunities offered to each supplier
  • Make up to a 50% saving in total fees paid due to an increase in internal, referral and direct hiring
  • Save on advertising costs, saved through consolidated procurement and access to bulk purchasing agreements


Improved hiring manager and candidate experience and process efficiency via:

  • Introduction of external expertise, which will bring best practice, new tools and techniques and the latest technology
  • Advanced talent pooling and nurturing, online selection and streamlined assessment scheduling that can reduce time to hire by 30-40%
  • More effective assessment and selection process reduces the amount of time managers need to commit to each hiring process


Mitigate supply risk with:

  • Policy enhancements, process checks for screening and compliance, along with a complete audit trail
  • Outsourced background checks and verification to free your own team from administration whilst enjoying external validation for complete peace of mind


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Still not sure if RPO is for you?

Need more information on the different solutions available to you? Or not sure how to win over your key decision makers? Download our RPO Buyers guide which includes all the details you need to know.