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Companies who are not ready and able to face this new world of work will instead find themselves in a world of hurt.

In today's market, employers find themselves in a new position. How can they maintain agility and flexibility while remaining cost effective? While many companies have learned how to thrive, others have fallen short without even realizing it. Here’s how:

  • A fixed Talent Aquisition team - When a TA team lacks flexibility, many businesses will experience deficiencies in a number of areas including talent attraction, staff retention and credibility.
  • Reactive strategies - Without an outsourced solution to support your hiring efforts, you will end up losing talent and/or you will have a very small talent pool to rely on.
  • Multiple Agencies - When you spread your hiring needs across multiple agencies, it is time deficient for your hiring team and agencies will quickly lose interest in your roles and focus on organizations who are more committed to them.
  • Weak EVP - It’s now more important than ever. Organizations with weak EVPs risk reputational damage and miss out on quality talent that may be looking for these things from an employer.
  • Uneccesary Overspending - Running an internal program seems great on the surface until your time to fill starts increases, there is an uptick in vacant seats, and your recruitment team ends up paying agencies to help pick up the slack.
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