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#YourHaysStory: Candidate Care

Candidate care your hays story

Nitesh Raj, Candidate Care Manager, for Enterprise Solutions at Hays, shares his #HaysStory with us.

My Hays story began in 2011 with the migration of over 300 workers, it was my first time working in a recruitment environment and it was a steep learning curve but I had some amazing people supporting me along the way. Within the space of 4 years I had been promoted to Senior Care partner and was involved in the process improvement project for one our clients and also a worker migration which involved migrating over 1000 workers which certainly built my resilience for future projects. It was when I started to get involved in the people management and project management part of the role was when I really decided management is what I wanted and what I was passionate about.

What I think differentiates Hays as an employer is a simple one for me to answer and I feel like it’s the same answer for everyone but that’s not a bad thing, but the people and the culture is the one thing that really differentiates Hays from any other employer. I have never felt so invested and committed to a company than I have working at Hays and that is because I have amazing people supporting me from management to my team who make me really love my job and I have never lost the motivation to do the best for the company and my team, It feels like a really unique culture.

Another thing that differentiates Hays as an employer is that we are given the freedom and flexibility to implement our ideas into what we do which makes us feel even more invested in our role and our departments.

I have two real career highlights, Achieving team of the year in 2018 was such a proud moment for me as it really highlighted the hard work the team had put in over the years and that was reflected in our HPI scores, general candidate feedback and client feedback.

Being promoted to Team Leader was a real achievement for me as I have always wanted to manage a team and have full responsibility for a department which has happened with moving into a management position. My team are a huge part of this, and I couldn’t have got to where I am now without their hard work and them being bought into my vision.

The best career advice I have been give is ‘Always put 100% into everything you do’ is something that has stuck with me and if I was giving a piece of advice as a people manager it would be always listen to your team and put them first as they are only as good as the investment you put in to them and their development. Your team are also carrying out the role on a day to day basis so will know best.