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#YourHaysStory: Compliance

Compliance your hays story

Jordan Harrison, Compliance Team Leader, for Enterprise Solutions at Hays, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays in the Summer of 2014 as an Associate Compliance Partner and have remained within the same department to this day. Having no recruitment experience whatsoever and quite embarrassingly initially thinking I was signing up with Hays as an agency rather than as a potential employee, I had no idea what to expect. During my assessment centre I was given the opportunity to sit with Vendor, Candidate Care and Compliance and after a unique show, I decided Compliance seemed to be the most appropriate/interesting department for me.

I started with two of our leading accounts and I think the biggest challenges early on, were down to me not really having a full grasp on what we were actually trying to achieve and also the impacts we have on the wider business. I asked a lot of questions in my first 6 months and I encourage all our new starters to do the same. If you have a clear picture and understanding of how your role ties in with the whole recruitment journey, it makes the compliance process make more sense and thus being able to deliver to a higher standard

I have found that often the skills I have learnt whilst at Hays are ones that are developed when you are placed outside your comfort zone. It’s not a great feeling when you’re “thrown in at the deep end” but the lessons you can take from those experiences are invaluable as well as having a great sense of achievement for completing a new task for the first time

A good work/life balance is imperative in helping us deliver our best whilst at work. We spend the majority of our waking hours dedicated to our employer and that to me means your “free time” really should be made the most of. Try not to take work home with you, figuratively speaking and don’t waste energy worrying about things outside of your control. Whilst it’s certainly a little cliché, I like the phrase, “don’t sweat the small stuff”