Hybrid msp model introduction


The hybrid MSP model involves the best of both the Neutral Vendor and Master Vendor models. This involves using a mixture of different attributes from each sourcing model. For example, a single provider may be used to supply IT workers, whilst those less recruited for roles in legal leverage a supply base of multiple providers. Typically, the model is defined by geography, function or discipline and based on capabilities of the provider.

The service usually sees MSP provider staff based on site with the client, supporting the taking in of requisitions from hiring managers, supplying rate intelligence and other market insight, such as skills availability. However, back office support such as compliance and vendor management, may be based offshore in dedicate centres.

hybrid model benefits

Why use a hybrid MSP model?

The hybrid model is a mixture of Vendor Neutral and Master Vendor models. By combining elements of both of these models, this makes the hybrid model most suitable for the full workforce.

The main benefits of using a hybrid MSP model:

Reduces dependency on a single staffing supplier, but can still develop the client needs Suitable for the full workforce Defined by geography, function or discipline based on capabilities of the provider
More effective global model Can leverage best of both world programme elements  

Hybrid model different to other models

How is the hybrid MSP model different to other models?

The hybrid model blends a variety of attributes from the Vendor Neutral and Master Vendor models, creating a model that includes the best of both. Your MSP provider will cover some skills set or geographies, whilst leveraging multiple providers for others.

This allows you to develop the optimal multi-talent supply chain strategy, with several pipelines, all whilst enjoying the benefits of one supplier who really understands your needs and objectives on the core roles you require.

One size rarely fits all, and with a hybrid model you can leverage different sourcing models for different kills, locations and flexibility required.

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