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'The digital skills shortage is a global concern, leaving no industry, organisation or job role untouched.’

An innovation race, changing demographics, evolving expectations and increased global connectivity are transforming the world of work.

Technology is at the forefront of this disruption, with the widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics generating a shift in skills that is unmatched in recent years.

There is an urgent need across all industries to attract, source and retain top tech talent, equipped with a diverse range of skills that ensure they are able to cope with unknown and evolving circumstances that will characterise the new world of work.

However, the well-educated, highly adaptive team player with advanced digital skills is in short supply. Organisations must evolve their workforce planning and management strategies, or risk being left behind.

In our report, ‘Skills in Demand: Building the Digital Workforce of Tomorrow’, we combine our expertise with market insights and industry-leading services to craft a future-focused approach for your talent needs.

Three key pillars are at the heart of our strategy:

  • Enable: A commitment to continuous learning and development to accommodate the rapid turnover of essential skills.
  • Externalise: Outsourcing work to the growing contingent talent market to access sought-after skills on a temporary basis.
  • Elevate: Increasing the current capacity of your teams by hiring additional, permanent employees who share your vision.

We explore how technology is simultaneously driving and plugging the skills gap, identifying innovative solutions, from micro-learning and AI-driven nudges to the Human Cloud and refinements in Recruitment Technology, that will assist organisations in their search for top talent.

To find out more about how Hays can support you in developing your digital workforce, speak to one of our experts today.

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