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What do I need to know about evolving employment law?

The world of work is more volatile, more uncertain – and more complex.

Employment law, already struggling to keep pace, is facing further criticism. But change is on the horizon. Legislators are reacting to an array of changes, including the widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence, the surge in cybersecurity threats and the growing number of ‘Digital Nomads’ within the workforce.


Leverage our legislative experience

With little room for error, it is vital that organisations quickly get to grips with emerging legislation, or risk severe repercussions. This will require an understanding of local, regional and global regulations, as well as the nuances that exist at each level.

Our latest legislation report explores key legislation, with our team of experts offering actionable insights to support organisations as they strive to remain compliant in a more complex world of work.


Our latest report, at a glance

Part 1: Big Brother

  • Surveillance: With hybrid and remote working firm fixtures of the modern workforce, organisations will need to consider how they monitor and manage output, while respecting the privacy of their employees.
  • Security: Organisations are reliant on the data they generate, store and distribute. But businesses are intrinsically vulnerable to cyberattacks, requiring an urgent evaluation of the security strategy and training available to avoid breaches in their ecosystem.


Part 2: Watching over wellbeing

  • Organisations are increasingly expected to offer greater provisions to support health, welfare and development as part of a strengthened Employer Value Proposition. But how can companies safeguard staff against chronic stress and burnout?


Part 3: Cross-Border Complications

  • Taxing a mobile workforce: Tomorrow’s talent will be ‘more fluid and globalised than ever before’. With chronic skills shortages prompting a rise in nearshore hiring, exploration of talent platforms and emerging talent networks, organisations will need to be abreast of a myriad of taxation policies and financial implications before giving cross-border working the green light.
  • Protective policies: The rapid growth of talent platforms and expanding talent networks mean that the way in which we define, monitor and manage contingent workers has become more complex. Organisations must get rigourous with their recruitment processes, or risk severe reputational and financial damages.


What does this mean for my business?

Forward-thinking organisations will always find solutions and leverage the opportunities that change presents.

Don’t get left behind. Download our latest report or contact the team at Enterprise Solutions to discuss how we can build, optimise and refine your workforce strategies ‘by the letter of the law’.

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