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‘The nature of the relationship between employers and employees and the world of work has changed forever’.

Seismic shifts have occurred over the last two years, accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic, that have instigated the rapid digitisation of large portions of the workforce. The way in which we work is also transforming, as careers become increasingly dynamic – in length, location and role.

Though this has created great opportunity for those forward thinking organisations, this also creates new risks and challenges that organisations must tackle.

Employment law, already struggling to keep pace, is facing further criticism.

But change is on the horizon. Legislators are reacting to an array of changes, including the widespread integration of Artificial Intelligence, the surge in cybersecurity threats and the growing number of ‘Digital Nomads’ within the workforce.

With little room for error, it is vital that organisations quickly get to grips with emerging legislation, or risk severe repercussions. This will require an understanding of local, regional and global regulations, as well as the nuances that exist at each level.

With a global presence and a wealth of expertise in delivering workforce solutions across the globe, we’ve pulled together our latest report to support organisations as they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.


‘By the Letter of the Law: Legislation for the New World of Work’ focuses on three key areas:

  • Big Brother: Exploring how employment law will regulate the security and surveillance of workers
  • Watching over Wellbeing: The role of legislation in helping employees to exercise their right to disconnect
  • Cross-Border Complications: Reflecting on the protective policies and tax implications of an increasingly fluid workforce

Within each section, we highlight some of the key legislation to which organisations should pay close attention, the implications of these changes and our top tips for remaining compliant.

Talk to our experts to find out more about how we can support you in designing workforce management approaches that will help your organisation to thrive.

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