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Talent Advisory Services from Hays aligns with your business strategy to enhance the value of your workforce.
We specialise in Talent Planning, Talent Assessments and Talent Insights to help you manage the complex and changing people environment.
Overcome your people challenges with solutions that develop and nurture the talent you need to propel your business into the next decade. Because the skills of today are not the skills of tomorrow.

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With Talent Planning, Talent Assessments and Talent insights, you can build a workforce that shares your vision and values.
Our approach uses tried and tested frameworks, methods and cutting-edge tools and technologies to assess, select and retain top talent for your organisation. With access to global, market leading workforce data and trends, we partner with you to define and deliver your talent needs and objectives.
Explore our services below to find out more.

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Talent Planning

Architect your organisation with the right functions, teams, roles and skills.
Talent Planning works alongside leaders by defining roles that align with your culture and business objectives.
We specialise in:
  • Organisation design
  • Workforce planning
  • Role design
  • Competencies and career paths
  • Re-structuring
  • Career Transition

Hays Holistic Assessment

Equip managers and leaders with the right information to hire critical roles, aid succession planning and support career advancement.
Hays Holistic Assessment guides your organisation to make informed decisions about talent acquisition and talent management.
Maximise the potential of your people with:
  • Assessments for selection
  • Development Assessments
  • Culture fit
  • Future potential
  • Performance Assessments
  • Future career paths

Talent Insights 

A subscription service for tailored recruitment insights and trends.
Gain a distinct advantage in today’s dynamic business environment with software that opens the door to global talent.
This access anywhere subscription-based portal includes:
  • Current skills insights
  • Future skill insights
  • Sector insights
  • Pay benchmarking
  • Market trends
  • Live Talent dashboards

...Talent Transformation starts here

When you onboard and retain exceptional talent, your business and culture evolve. Start your people journey with Hays Talent Advisory Services.
Informed predictions 
Gain exclusive access to data-driven insights, leading technology, and 50 years of recruitment expertise.
Plan and optimise 
Identify skills to navigate your business through the shifting landscape.
Your people prepared
Attract, assess, and select talent that aligns with your aims and builds a culture of resilience.

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