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Tech Talent Insights. Your guide to hiring digital technology skills

The labour market has become more dynamic than ever. The events of 2020 have shifted business as usual to a level that we hadn’t imagined to see earlier than 2025.

More and more businesses are experiencing stagnated growth because they lack the digital skills required to keep up with the pace of change. Whether organisations are entering a new market or expanding within an existing market, they often approach hiring digital skills similarly to how they currently hire for any other skill. That is by adding outbound search and market statistics onto traditional hiring strategies such as job boards and LinkedIn search.

However, from our extensive experience hiring digital skills in multiple markets, we know that this is simply not enough to attract, hire and retain digital talent, and digital talent has told us so. The reality is, supply and demand for digital talent are far from consistent throughout the continent and both countries and regions are subject to a disproportionate distribution of skills. With this in mind, without real-time, up to date insights into each local labour market, organisations will struggle to gain access to the skills they need and risk being left behind in the race for digital talent.

Get ahead of the game with "Tech Talent Insights. Your guide to hiring digital technology skills".

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Australia and New Zealand tech talent

Australia and New Zealand

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Czech Republic

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