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Support your workforce to manage the stresses that come with working remotely and an always on, ever changing world of .work with these complimentary courses.

  • Courses available to support physical and mental wellbeing to improve employee engagement and retention
  • Encourage a healthy balanced approach to drive productivity
  • Enable your hiring managers to ensure an excellent employee experience

What courses are included?

Morning yoga kickstart

7 days – 15 minutes – Start your day right with a morning home yoga session. Designed to be done in just 15 minutes to improve range of motion, exercise the core and increase flexibility.

Resilience module

15 minutes – Implement resilience into your workforce, to help them ‘bounce back’ from the challenges we’re currently facing and prepare them for future challenges that may arise.

Life balance

15 minutes – Tips, advice and real examples to help and manage the work-life balance of your workforce.


18 minutes – A bad mindset could be impacting your workforce. This course will enable you to explore the different types of mindset and how to modify them.

Dealing with stress

25 minutes – This course looks at the sources of stress and its behavioural and health indicators, whilst exploring ways in which your workforce can reduce stress levels.

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