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Equity, diversity and inclusion is every employers’ responsibility. The courses in this package will help you understand the complexities of diversity in the workplace and give your hiring managers and employees the tools and knowledge they need to build an inclusive recruitment process.

What courses are included?

Challenging Gender Bias

During this course, you will learn the definition and impact of gender bias, find out more about the gender pay gap, learn how to recognise and overcome gender bias in yourself and others, find out about flexible working, mentoring, and the positive effects of changing hiring processes to avoid unconscious gender bias in the future.

The 8 stages of inclusive recruitment

20 minutes - What do you have to do at each step of your recruitment process to make things inclusive and open to all? In this course, we break down the entire recruitment journey into 8 stages and offer practical advice at each stage to help your hiring managers recruit a more diverse group of applicants.

Diversity 101

60 minutes - This interactive course provides an introduction to diversity and inclusion using a range of realistic examples and scenarios. It is the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to implement more effective diversity and inclusion practices at their organisation.

Equality and diversity

60 minutes - Maintaining an awareness of issues surrounding equality and diversity is essential to any organisation functioning properly and growing as a force for good. This course is split into four modules to fully explore the issues involved and their relevance to us all, including protections laid out in the Equality Act 2010. On this course will learn you about the universal benefits of promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Flexible working and diversity

20 minutes - This training course will teach managers and interested parties about the different types of flexible working, and how they can benefit diversity and inclusion and talent attraction/retention at their organisations.

Recognising and avoiding bias in the hiring process

20 minutes - This course helps hiring managers and interview panellists recognise some of the different types of unconscious bias that affect professional and interpersonal interactions, making it difficult to recruit in a manner which is equal, diverse and inclusive.

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