Recruiting in the new era


COVID-19 forced us to adapt overnight to a new way of working. Organisations moved their entire workforce online and the pandemic forced organisations to accelerate digital transformation just to survive.

As we all adapt to a new era of working how do you push your organisation from surviving to thriving. Finding talent in this new era of working is going to be a challenge, one that no one has had to overcome before. Those able to attract and maintain the top talent will thrive. Our courses in this package will provide the training your hiring managers need to out-hire the competition and come out on top by adapting the way they approach hiring.

Job security, corporate responsibility and your brand values must come across stronger throughout the hiring process to reflect the change in candidate priorities since the pandemic. By taking these courses, your hiring managers will be able to anticipate these needs, make your brand stand out online and perform interviews and onboarding remotely – while also prioritising the human factor of the recruitment process.

Hiring in the new era is a skill – a vital skill – one which hiring managers cannot afford to miss as the recovery continues. Sign up and start training your team today.

  • Courses covering all aspects of the recruitment process, from workforce planning through to assessing, selecting, securing and onboarding in the new era of work
  • Online training can be accessed anywhere for fast, efficient training of your hiring managers
  • Improve employee engagement and retention – with a variation of videos, quizzes and assessments available and regularly updated you can be sure your workforce always feels supported to tackle the new era of work
  • Don’t wait – whether hiring today or tomorrow – give your hiring managers the tools they need to recruit at a moment’s notice

What courses are included?

Get the most out of working with your recruiter

10 minutes – Working with a recruiter is the best way to find the talent your organisation needs, but how can you get the most out of this partnership? This course outlines the key questions and points of discussion you should have with your recruiter to build the most effective partnership.

Temporary vs permanent

15 minutes – Workforce planning is an essential element of any successful organisation and getting it right could be the answer to coping with an everchanging world of work. To help ensure you’re able to decide whether a role is best filled by a temporary or permanent professional, this course outlines key considerations for each.

Overcoming the roadblocks

10 minutes – A streamlined and effective candidate attraction strategy is vitally important to hire the essential candidates you need, however, this is often easier said than done. This course will help you identify some of the key roadblocks you may encounter during the recruitment process and how to overcome them.

Selling your employer brand

10 minutes – Just what is your employer brand and how does it help you to hire the talent you need? This course will answer these questions as well as how to best promote your employer brand to prospective candidates in the new era of work.

Best practice for video interviews

10 minutes – Following their increased usage during lockdown, undertaking a video interview will be more commonplace in the new era of work, so hiring managers must ensure their approach is correctly tailored to be successful. This course will outline all the video interview tips you need to know, from choosing the right platform, the questions you should ask and the basics to remember.

How to best assess your candidates

15 minutes – A lot is changing in the new era of work, including the roles and skills your organisation needs to succeed. This course will cover best practice and advice for the recruitment and selection process to ensure you’re able to accurately assess and secure the most talented candidates in this new world.

How to recruit 'hard-to-find' candidates

15 minutes – Are you struggling to find that perfect candidate with the right set of skills and experience? It may be because they are in high demand or simply not actively looking for a new role. This course outlines different approaches you can take to tailor your hiring strategy and recruit those hard-to-find candidates.

Securing the candidate you want

10 minutes – The work doesn’t stop once you have found the perfect candidate, you must now take steps to secure them. Navigating the notice period can be tricky, especially if the candidate is highly sought-after, so use this course to find out how to make a compelling offer, maintain engagement during the notice period and manage counter offers.

Onboarding remotely

10 minutes – Onboarding a new member of staff may not be something you are used to, but with the right processes in place it can be a success. In this course, you will learn how best to adapt your processes to onboard remotely and how to integrate, support and maintain the wellbeing of your new starter from afar.