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With a dramatic increase in both the number and scope of people-based services being contracted under a Statement of Work (SOW), many organisations are seeking to better manage this growing area of expenditure.

However, the expression ‘SOW’ has become detached from its origins as a project management term and it is now regularly misused as the catch all descriptor for a particular type of resource.

The reality is that:

  • Organisations do not buy an SOW, they buy the services covered by the SOW
  • You will never find a single business owner for SOW spend within an organisation
  • You will never find a single procurement lead for SOW spend

The changing world of SOW management

The SOW workforce encompasses all types of non-permanent service providers, from the largest global players through to individual subject matter experts. Market trends are starting to have a profound impact on the way that organisations now deliver services to their customers and how they utilise SOW based support e.g.

  • Many independent SOW based workers now work this way as a career and lifestyle choice
  • Traditional services provision is becoming far more modularised – more and more companies see themselves as ‘solution providers’ and incorporate ‘consulting’ or ‘advice’ within their propositions
  • Big brand service providers are themselves going to market with a growing proportion of associate workers. This can result in a hidden ‘margin on margin’ situation

How to drive more value with Statement of Work management

Statement of Work Management can be delivered as a stand-alone service, or combined with a CMO offering, under a full scope MSP programme. With Hays you can truly maximise the use and value of your flexible workforce by:

Making budgets go further by paying for a specific output Improving speed to productivity with minimised time to contract and onboarding of SOW based resources Creating incremental value for both parties with reduced supplier sales overheads
Becoming a ‘client of choice’ with fit for purpose procurement processes Increasing speed of access to essential expertise, skills and resources Ensuring the right type of SOW expertise is deployed for the right work
Reducing risk by controlling and governing compliance obligations    

A tailored approach to your Statement of Work management needs

Our service offering is configured to fit your level of maturity and ambition. Offering advice-based work packages to advance category expertise, decision making and ultimately maximise overall return on investment. Or simply focusing efforts on administration and reporting by leveraging your own VMS system, or related technology.

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