Why Hays services procurement


With a dramatic increase in both the number and scope of people-based services being contracted under a Statement of Work (SOW) many organisations are concluding that a more integrated approach is required. However, internal resistance is one of the biggest blockers.

Our services procurement and SOW management solution addresses this challenge, by prioritising stakeholder enablement over bureaucratic control.

A service genuinely tailored to your stakeholders needs, not an artificially repurposed staff augmentation solution

We leverage the services procurement functionality of whichever Vendor Management System (VMS), or related technology, is the preference or best option for you and then design a fit for purpose ‘administrative’ or a ‘managed’ service around it:

  • You may prefer to rely totally on your in-house resources to write/agree the SOW and select/contract with the service provider. In this case our operating model would be administratively centred on activities relating to worker on/off boarding, resource tracking, monitoring the completion of milestones/deliverables and payment validation.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to outsource a broader set of responsibilities around SOW creation and service provider selection/management. In this case our operating model would support a much wider set of activities across the SOW life cycle.

Fundamentally we make it as easy as possible to get you started, wherever you may currently sit on our 4-stage SOW maturity curve:

A focus on best practice Services Procurement

Most MSP providers mistakenly approach Services Procurement with a staff augmentation mindset. They overly focus on compliance, risk reduction, process improvement, right-sizing the supply base, automation and of course cost reduction.

These are not unimportant objectives, but they will not represent best added value to the people with the need and the budget for SOW services.

We believe:

1. In a consultancy rather than a staff augmentation mindset;

2. Change management should be a cornerstone of our delivery proposition, and that;

3. A focus on the end game, which is how an SOW management solution makes organisations more successful.

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