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As global forces continue to change our world of work and how work gets done, leaders are rethinking their talent strategies. With the alternative and remote workforce now mainstream it needs to be strategically managed alongside your permanent workers.

Taking a total talent approach

To ensure you always have access to the right skills, at the right time and price, regardless of source or worker classification, you need to move from simply managing your contractors and freelancers to optimising and leveraging them deliberately.

Our expertise across both MSP and RPO, as well as large permanent and temporary staffing supplier, means we’re uniquely placed to help you realise your total talent vision. Combing our expertise in optimising both permanent and contingent workforce management to give you a total talent view.

Help your hiring managers re-image their talent supply chain

Instead of the traditional controlling procurement approach, inspire a dynamic supply chain. From freelancer and online staffing platforms to consultancies and SOW workers, we’ll support you to embed a new mind-set with your hiring managers.

We’ll implement processes, insight and systems to help them make informed decisions on how to get their work done based on the skills landscape, not just how they’ve always resourced their teams.

We’ll also work with your to optimise your supplier management processes. Focusing on methods, technology and tools that attract and retains the workers you need to get vital work done, while empowering the suppliers who best deliver them.

Get the insight you need to make the right talent decisions

As a leading workforce solutions provider and staffing company we have unrivalled access to market data and intelligence. We combine this with the technology and analytics systems to track your own workforce data, enabling you and your hiring managers to make the right talent decisions.

From strategic workforce planning sessions through to real-time skills data in hiring manager in-take meetings, we give you and your organisation the visibility to make talent decisions for today and tomorrow.

Beat skills shortages

Our best practice Find & Engage methodology puts relationships back at the heart of recruitment. Using digital technology, machine learning and data science to automate and optimise your processes. Whilst leveraging our experts where they add most value to build your reputation as an employer of choice.

By improving your speed to market and employer brand across the full talent spectrum we can ensure your growth is never slowed by an inability to access the right skills.

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