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Accédez aux meilleurs talents. Économisez du temps et de l'argent. Minimisez vos risques.

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Nous continuerons à vous fournir nos services au niveau le plus élevé que vous attendez. Nous avons adapté notre manière de travailler et avons mis en place des plans robustes et flexibles afin que nous puissions continuer à vous soutenir pendant ces moments incertains et difficiles.

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Free online training for your workforce

Transition to the new era of work

The world of work requires an agile approach. The training in this package will help prepare managers and workers to thrive, whether in the workplace, working from home or a hybrid of the two.

Lessons from China

Lessons from China and Southeast Asia

Lessons from China features a detailed recount of the crisis from the eyes of Luca Pozzi, General Manager of manufacturing firm Manuli Hydraulics in China and Southeast Asia.

Quickly & successfully implementing change in your workforce

How to successfully implement change

As a leader, your role is to ensure that your team get the right support at the right time to enable them to move through this cycle as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Maintaining employee wellbeing working remotely

Maintaining your team’s wellbeing remotely

With remote working now the norm, the wellbeing of our teams has never been more important. How can you maintain your team’s wellbeing on a remote basis?