At Hays Talent Solutions we are proud to be part of the unique journeys and the continual success of our team. #YourHaysStory looks at the career journeys of some of our employees, sharing with you their steps to success and the accomplishments that have enabled their career progression since working at Hays.

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Matthew Dickason, Global Managing Director, Hays Talent Solutions shares his #HaysStory

People are at the heart of everything we do. I joined Hays in 2005 and couldn’t have hoped to work for a better company. Two kids, three international moves, four jobs… my journey continues as many of my colleague’s roles do too.

Having studied organisational psychology and then industrial engineering, the people centric solutions mentality of our business has been a great match for me. We are constantly trialling, learning and building on success, it is what enables us to continue to be the market leading company we are. This ongoing development is with a focus on customer service and enabling lifelong relationships with our clients that is not just about understanding and meeting their current needs. It’s about challenging them. Using our insight, intelligence and experience to inform their approach to talent and ensuring we inspire change and help them thrive.

In my time working for Hays Talent Solutions, with our clients we’ve done many great things. Transforming people’s lives in a remote, rural part of China when we helped our client build a new plant and staff it with over 3,000 new employees, changing the supply and engagement structure of over 2,000 workers across America to enable a business change in our client and implementing process and technology changes that saved an organisation millions that ultimately helped keep them in business. Every day I hear new great stories about how my colleagues are supporting our clients and their new employees to achieve more, from enabling diversity hiring, to teams who are implementing scheduling apps that allows a client to instantly fill vacancies.

I am truly proud that what we do every day has lasting impact on the organisations we work with and the people they hire. For me, the need to keep on learning, keep on challenging and keep on sharing is key to our success. Change keeps it interesting.

That’s my Hays story, what will you make yours? #YourHaysStory

Keerti Chouhan, Principal Sourcing Partner (Delivery), for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I started out as an Associate Sourcing Partner in Delivery for two of our MSP accounts. I have worked my way up and had 3 promotions and am now a Principal Sourcing Partner.

Did you have any prior recruitment experience?

Yes, I worked for 2 recruitment companies before which were recruiting manufacturing and engineering jobs. I decided I wanted to move away from this field so joined Hays to recruit for different industries.

Why did you decide that recruitment was for you?

I actually fell into recruitment because I had a friend who was working for Hays and said I would be good at this type of job based on the sort of person I was. I then researched it and thought why not, because I didn’t know what to do once I finished university. Based on this, I went to a graduate fair and secured my first recruitment job in Watford

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role? Have you relocated / changed functions / clients?

Yes I have been given a lot of opportunity during my time at Hays – apart from being a sourcing partner, I have been an interim recruitment partner for one of our accounts and Team Leader for one of our MSPs as well as having the opportunity to support various clients both MSP and RPO. I have been involved in process/account change where I have learnt and taken onboard things I can change on my own account. I have been nominated for and won lots of Hays incentives and had the opportunity to experience Hays Elite in 2019.

Have you ever been involved in any Hays initiatives, schemes or programmes in your time here?

I have been involved in buzz sessions and projects. More recently, I joined the future leaders programme where it gave me an insight into where I could potentially take my next step in my career.

Phil Muggeridge, Senior Project Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays in 2007 as a Continuous Performance Improver in the New Malden Finance Shared Service Centre. I undertook a number of various projects during this role which gave me the experience needed to move into project management. In 2015 I joined the Project Service team in Cheapside as a Project Manager, initially on a secondment, moving into a permanent role in 2016. In 2021 I was promoted within the team to Senior Project Manager.

Hays has really helped me to develop my skills as a Project Manager. Firstly, there is a really strong team unit within Project Services and the wider HTS team who are always on hand to help support and provide guidance when needed. If, however I do face a challenge on a project, Hays allows me to make certain key decisions and to learn from the experience. There is also a really good training set up where I have been able to attend both internal training sessions specific to my role and Hays, but also the opportunity to train externally to gain certain qualifications specific to Project Management.

I have taken part in two mentoring programmes during my time at Hays. The first when I was in CPI in New Malden and the second when in Project Services in Cheapside. Both times I found the experience invaluable. I was able to talk to someone outside of my work team to get a different view of how I thought certain things appeared or challenges I was facing. I was also able to use the sessions to learn from both my mentor’s knowledge and experience which I was able to take back into my current role.

I've been lucky enough to be involved in a number of large projects during my career at Hays. My first project though was probably a career highlight. When I joined Hays we were a paper timesheet organisation and my first project was to help us move to electronic timesheets. The impact that this had on us as an organisation can not be underestimated. I learnt many valuable lessons during this project but also gave me the confidence and desire to know that project management was a career I truly wanted to develop. I have worked on many varied projects since then, and each one proves a highlight when closing the project knowing that I have delivered what was required from the business.

It’s the easy go to answer and one that many people often reference, but it truly is the people that differentiates Hays as an employer. Everyone I have worked with so far, all work towards the same goal which really helps in my role when trying to implement a particular objective. Hays also embraces change rather than being scared of it. This continues to put us on the front foot and in a strong position when presenting to new clients.

My role naturally promotes the Talent Solutions purpose. It is my job to anticipate and prepare for any challenges an implementation may have, to drive and be the catalyst for that implementation and to ensure the outcome is delivered meeting (and hopefully exceeding) the clients expectations.

Louis Arnold, Sourcing Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I was offered a job at Hays as an Associate Sourcing Partner back in February 2019. I had never been in recruitment before, but I wanted to try something new and always liked the idea of finding people their dream jobs.

I started with one of our leading clients, which was a challenging but enjoyable account that taught me a lot. I always tried to think outside the box and take an inquisitive approach to my candidates, taking my time to get to know them as a person and finding them the perfect fit within the company.

Last year, I had the opportunity to join a different account for a while, another amazing team. This team taught me a new approach, full of inspiring ways of sourcing and prepping candidates. I always aimed to bring my thought process to the team, concentrating on looking further into what makes the candidate tick and getting to know them on a personal level, to ensure the candidate stays with us until we find them perfect role.

After dealing with roles ranging from Customer Service, Sales Directors and General Managers, Hays have strengthened my confidence with speaking to new people and taught me to provide the best service that I can. The thing that I admire about Hays and the Leicester office is the amount of training and support offered, as well as a good scheme to help you reach your end goal career-wise. Every employee in the Leicester office has been approachable and provided me great advice whenever asked. It is valuable in this line of work that we all share our expertise and experience and I hope to do the same.

Anika Sharma, Sourcing Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays in May 2019 as a Business Support Associate supporting the RPO accounts. Then I got seconded into a compliance associate role where later I worked my way up and I proudly got promoted to be a compliance partner. I have supported both MSP and RPO accounts. As my journey continued at Hays, I decided to further develop my skills and have a go at sourcing.

Did you have prior recruitment experience?

Prior to joining Hays, I had 2 years recruiting experience where I practised my Recruiting skills in India where I predominantly recruited for Multi-National corporations specifically in the IT domain.

What is my Career highlight?

My career highlight at Hays was being able to transition into a sourcing role from compliance where I could proactively practice my talents and passion which is helping people. More proudly this has provided me the opportunity to excel and grow as an individual where I recently won the “ISC Key contributor award.”

Stewart Brookes, Principal Learning & Development Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays after 10+ years in retail management. The was an industry where there was very little opportunity for progression beyond where I was at. Looking to switch career paths entirely and start again trying something new, a couple of people who used to work for me had joined Hays, gave good reviews of them as an employer and I followed suit!

I began my career with Hays as an Associate Vendor Partner on an MSP account with no experience in recruitment or client management whatsoever – honestly, I had no idea what I’d be doing once in the role. Quickly I found that I enjoyed the fast pace of both the job itself and the account. Whilst progressing as a VP, I was also afforded a number of other opportunities to work on projects that impacted the Centre as a whole. During my time as a Vendor Partner, I worked across both the Technical Resource Group and Professional Services divisions – 2 versions of temp recruitment that couldn’t be more different despite being for the same client. As I worked my way up from Associate to Senior Vendor Partner on this account, I was also named ‘Team Player of the Year’ in 2018, an accolade that was voted for by all parts of the business, both Temp and Perm, Leicester and On-Site.

In 2019 I was promoted to Team Leader for Vendor and Temp Delivery, through which I was able to expand my knowledge of the business as a whole and learned a lot more about the recruitment process as a whole from both a client and candidate perspective. In August 2020, my team and I moved to the Vacancy Management Department and I was lucky enough be part of a really driven and knowledgeable group who also taught me a great deal.

One of the aspects of Hays that I enjoyed most right from the beginning of my time with the company was the Training that was provided. Having delivered a lot of training myself during my time in retail management, I was blown away by the variety of training available at Hays, as well as the commitment the business has to developing its employees. I now deliver a wide variety of the Talent Solutions courses that are available and have written several myself.

In January 2020 I was able to take on a joint role that combined both Training and an Ops Team Leader role which included being responsible for the Induction process for both the Leicester ISC and, evolving throughout the pandemic, the wider Talent Solutions business.

Most recently, as of January 2021, I am now delivering and designing training full-time as a Principal Learning & Development Partner and get to deliver sessions to colleagues in the UK, EMEA and as far as America/Canada. Already in my role, I’ve also gotten to interact with training departments across the globe, which has been a fantastic experience.

If I had to put my success in my role down to one Hays Value, it would be ‘Passionate about People’ – I feel it is my passion for my team, my stakeholders and my trainees that has driven me forward within the business and that by consistently demonstrating a passion for people, I can continue to progress.

Shan Nelson-Palmer, Senior Account Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role? Have you relocated/changed functions/clients

I have been very fortunate to work with multiple clients in various guises during my time at Hays Talent Solutions. Initially I joined one of our leading clients to lead on the creation of a new strategy for Early Career and then moved to Operational Lead for another one of our clients. I took six months sabbatical leave when I got married in Jamaica which other employers may not have supported. After two years at I gained promotion to Senior Client Manager and became Head of Resourcing, and now I work as Ops Lead for Early Career and Recruitment Administration. I am grateful that Hays Talent Solutions has enabled me to work on strategic reviews, bids and client pitches which has expanded my knowledge and given me opportunity to grow professionally.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

Having multiple clients in differing sectors has enabled me to have such a variety of work experience over the past 4 years. If I worked in house for an employer within a specific sector, I definitely would not have the opportunity to excel as I’ve had.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

The best career advice I’ve been given is to be my true self at work. As a black woman of Afro Caribbean decent my parents unfortunately did not have the opportunities that I now have, as they came to Britain in the 1950’s and 60’s during the Windrush generation and suffered racism at its worst. So being authentic, staying true to myself and knowing that I am responsible for my career development is very empowering to me.

What E, D & I initiatives have you worked on?

Working within Early Career recruitment for over 15 years I have learnt a lot about E,D&I initiatives, particularly at a grass roots level. I am passionate about people reaching their full potential so ensuring that robust, fair, unbiased recruitment practices are in place is essential. Organisations who recruit early talent have paved the way to achieving diversity through apprenticeships, internships and graduate recruitment. With research demonstrating that more diverse work forces function more efficiently, creatively, and overall more successfully, which is hardly surprising. With a heavy focus on Black Lives Matter, Organisations globally are questioning how they can improve their recruitment processes to ensure E,D&I for reasons varying from comfortable work environments for employees, to statistically better functioning.

Having worked in Construction, Financial Services and Professional Services I have often been the only black woman at management level. Despite decades of work towards achieving gender diversity in the workplace, there is still underrepresentation of women across industries. Only 3% of women are pursuing careers in tech as a first choice, and just 23% of STEM roles are held by women which is contrast to research which shows that girls are consistently outperforming boys in STEM subjects throughout school. However, surveys have suggested that due to lack of role models, and thus self-assurance of ability, women do not pursue careers in these industries.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

Working for an meritocratic employer is equally as important to me as I often reflect on how to be a better colleague and manager. I demonstrate my passion for people by being approachable, always being honest and giving colleagues support with room to grow personally and professionally. Working for a large organisation like Hays can be daunting for new starters, so to provide support is to do the right thing which to me means being insightful, helping to find solutions and giving expert advice. I believe that I am a catalyst for change, so I will always try to illustrate this which mirrors HTS purpose.

Lisa Thomas, Director of Client Operations, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

Having worked in recruitment since 1999 – which I fell into (like most of us!) by registering with an agency and telling the Temps Consultant that I quite fancied doing what she did, I came to Hays 8 years ago with a varied background spanning multiple sectors.

My first role with Hays was as Client Manager for one our MSPs which was a collaboration of 15 Local Authorities throughout the North West. I’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to grow my team, portfolio, skills and knowledge during the past 8 years and progressed to Associate Director in 2017 and to Director of Client Operations in 2018. In addition to the ‘day job’, I am very proud to be involved in several people initiatives including People Board, Hays Pride Network, the mentoring programme and the Talent Solutions ED&I Action Group.

When I first arrived at Hays, what struck me within a matter of weeks was the network of subject matter experts we have. They truly make a difference and form the backbone of our success; don’t take that for granted as Hays leave others way behind in this space!

Working at Hays gives me the opportunity to be myself. To innovate, challenge, learn, lead, dare to be different and, often, succeed. Having the opportunity to operate outside my comfort zone, whilst sometimes scary at first, has helped grow my knowledge and confidence. We have a lot of very talented individuals within our business, there is always something new to learn, go and seek them out! Being encouraged to pro-actively learn and make your own decisions is really important, again, something not to be taken for granted.

I believe that the single most important attribute key to my success so far is doing the right thing. Long before that was a core Hays value, it has been a value intrinsic to me for as long as I can remember. It is vital that I work within a business that proactively encourages all colleagues to ‘Do The Right Thing’ – it spans every aspect of what we do, day in day out and is a very powerful way to ‘check in’ on the decisions we make, whatever they may be.

Nitesh Raj, Candidate Care Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

My Hays story began in 2011 with the migration of over 300 workers, it was my first time working in a recruitment environment and it was a steep learning curve but I had some amazing people supporting me along the way. Within the space of 4 years I had been promoted to Senior Care partner and was involved in the process improvement project for one our clients and also a worker migration which involved migrating over 1000 workers which certainly built my resilience for future projects. It was when I started to get involved in the people management and project management part of the role was when I really decided management is what I wanted and what I was passionate about.

What I think differentiates Hays as an employer is a simple one for me to answer and I feel like it’s the same answer for everyone but that’s not a bad thing, but the people and the culture is the one thing that really differentiates Hays from any other employer. I have never felt so invested and committed to a company than I have working at Hays and that is because I have amazing people supporting me from management to my team who make me really love my job and I have never lost the motivation to do the best for the company and my team, It feels like a really unique culture.

Another thing that differentiates Hays as an employer is that we are given the freedom and flexibility to implement our ideas into what we do which makes us feel even more invested in our role and our departments.

I have two real career highlights, Achieving team of the year in 2018 was such a proud moment for me as it really highlighted the hard work the team had put in over the years and that was reflected in our HPI scores, general candidate feedback and client feedback.

Being promoted to Team Leader was a real achievement for me as I have always wanted to manage a team and have full responsibility for a department which has happened with moving into a management position. My team are a huge part of this, and I couldn’t have got to where I am now without their hard work and them being bought into my vision.

The best career advice I have been give is ‘Always put 100% into everything you do’ is something that has stuck with me and if I was giving a piece of advice as a people manager it would be always listen to your team and put them first as they are only as good as the investment you put in to them and their development. Your team are also carrying out the role on a day to day basis so will know best.

Hayley Weaver, Project Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

Just like many others, recruitment was a career path I had never considered for myself. I am now coming up to my seventh year with Hays and I am so grateful to the consultant who I interviewed with for temp roles as they saw something in me which resulted in the start of an incredible career. I think the influence that one consultant had on my life demonstrates the power of Hays and its impact in helping people find the right career for them.

I have been fortunate enough to experience the opportunities Hays has to offer; I quickly went from being an Associate Consultant to Manager of a large successful team. In 2018 I joined Talent Solutions to manage one of our RPO’s. What was meant to be a 6-month project RPO, turned into two years of learning what it was like to be on-site and the intricacies of stakeholder management. This helped prepare me for one of my biggest challenge to date which was as the Client Manager for another one of our accounts. Here I embedded a new MSP & RPO into a company who was going through a separation and had very little infrastructure to work with.

I am now trying to incorporate all my previous learnings into my role as Project Manager. The opportunities that Hays provides its employees with is what differentiates them as an employer. I have learnt so much over my career with Hays and there’s still so much more to know, I am lucky to be able to say that my job and industry never stand still and as a result are never boring; especially when working for a company who puts innovation at the heart of what they do and are continually looking for ways to keep improving & remaining one step ahead.

Helen Nutter, Project Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

I started working for Hays in Leicester straight out of leaving University, as a Candidate Care Partner (I actually had to ask for a day off within my first month for my Graduation. I had no prior experience in this type of job and was very green coming into the world of recruitment! In my first year, I got a chance to join a different account, still within CCT, but I was able to work as a Vendor Partner, Senior Candidate Care Partner and then a Team Leader. In that role I got to look after a mix of CCT and Vendor Partners and work more closely with the onsite team and client. Having had a taste of more client focused activities, I made the transition to Project Services in 2018 after a secondment as a Business Analyst, then becoming a Project Analyst before my promotion to Project Manager this summer.

I have experienced a lot of variety in my job, by nature of changing roles and always seeking to learn something new and know what other options I had, you get a lot of variety. This was something that really appealed to me when I wanted to join Project Services, that no two days are ever the same. Working in different functions and with a lot of different clients has been a great experience and useful in my current role too.

The think that differentiates Hays as an employer are the opportunities available to you as an employee. Whether that’s in roles, the ability to relocate or the different people you get to meet and work with.

In the earlier years, a lot of training and generally the job and/or people pushing me out of my shy, comfort zone. Hays has helped me develop my skills by giving me access to a lot of experienced people and always being able to ask for help or just being able to watch and learn was a huge help. I’m a pretty reflective person and the way Hays gives a lot of feedback really helps with that. There wasn’t quite a mentor scheme when I started, but I’ve always been lucky that people have over the years have put their faith in me and given me their time to help me develop.

The two career highlights that particularly stand out are either being part of winning Account of the Year, it was such a big team effort from everybody and it really felt like a reward for the hard work everybody put in. Or, my first big go-live date working within Project Services, again it felt like a monumental effort and it was a great learning curve.

Being at Hays for so long has given me the chance to work with a lot of great people across the business and I’m always looking for something I can learn from everybody I work with. The two things that people have told me that have always stuck with me or that I try to follow are 1) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you’ll either learn or it might help change something and 2) Work smarter, not just harder.

Tara Al-Hilali, Client Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

My journey at Hays started in the Auckland, New Zealand Office in June 2017 as a Sourcing Associate in the Sourcing Centre. At the beginning, I was part of one of our RPOs working on bulk recruitment activities, recruitment projects and individual talent acquisition. In August 2018, I was promoted to a Sourcing Partner continuing to work for this RPO client, however, I obtained further exposure by assisting other accounts which gave me a diverse experience with a different calibre of candidates within multiple industries.

In February 2019, I felt that I had learnt as much as I could and wanted to build on my skillset in a client-based role. With the support of my manager at the time and the internal recruiter, I was able to transfer internally and secure a role as a Sourcing Partner in a new RPO based solution in Sydney.

Since relocating to Sydney I have been managing the in-house Graduate Recruitment Campaign, sourcing candidates as well as dealing directly with candidates and Hiring Managers. After 6 months in the role, I was given the opportunity to begin the progression to a Client Partner that was effective in July 2020 and this is the position that I hold currently. In this position I am looking after and managing numerous requisitions from the beginning stage of obtaining a job brief to the final stage I.e. verbally offering the candidate. This exposure has given me firsthand experience of partnering directly with Managers whilst providing them with the best advice and course of action.

Over the years I have had a variety of roles to recruit from, financial services to technical engineering to graduate recruitment. The amount of exposure and support I have received from the management team and peers has really helped me further develop my skills and experience but has provided the supportive environment that allows me to feel confident in continuing to challenge myself.

Upon joining Hays, I had the full intention of developing my skills in recruitment for two years and then return to working as a Generalist as that is where I wanted to progress my career path. However, a short while after being in Hays I realised that recruitment is the path I want to further develop my career in. In recruitment, I connect with people and place them into roles that are suited to their needs whilst exceeding the client’s expectation even though at times I am faced with challenges, I feel I can accomplish anything.

Before joining Hays, I was in the final stages with other recruitment agencies. When it came down to deciding which role I wanted to proceed with, I decided to accept Hays because I knew Hays was a large organisation with a Global presence, but in the interview, I got to know just how supportive the company is in providing development and training to their employees. Once I started with Hays, I had a supportive team and manager and not only did they help me understand the clients and expectations, but they also allowed me autonomy to make my work my own. Furthermore, the support I received from upper management and the various training modules/sessions fuelled my career development.

Hays has helped me develop my skills throughout my career with them. When I first started, my Manager sat down with me and conducted a role play of a phone screen to provide me with feedback and give me any tips she had while letting me have my own approach to the call. It has been something that stood out to me till this day as she understood my learning style, gave me feedback while still motivating me to continue to improve and make more calls. Further to this, I have been given opportunities to be part of various Training and Development Modules and sessions so I could have theoretical knowledge while also being able to connect with other members in the business to share our experiences. Once relocating to Sydney, I felt there was a greater positive shift in my development as being in an on-site client-based role really challenged me to improve my capabilities in communication, stakeholder management, adaptability and resilience.

I feel the Hays values resonate with me and they are demonstrated subconsciously. The top values I feel really stand out are being Passionate about People and Ambitious. Working at Hays allowed me to discover that I want to continue to work in Recruitment as I am able to connect with all sorts of people and can help place them into different opportunities whilst providing them with a great candidate experience. I have the drive to constantly learn and develop myself in each role that I am operating in, in order to build the foundation for the next step which for me is to be an expert in my field.

Jason Dunwell, Service Delivery Director, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I started my journey in Hays IT London in 2004, running a temporary desk for IT into Public Sector Clients, where I was awarded a series of promotions to Senior Business Manager to run a team across Commerce & Industry and Public Sector.

I moved to Hays Talent Solutions in 2010, where I ran our Public-Sector framework agreements as a client manager. Shortly after in 2011 I was promoted to Client Director where I ran some of our technology clients.

Three years after starting my Hays journey, I took a break, I studied, graduating from Business School with an MBA. I returned to Hays in 2015, running one of our accounts onsite as a Client Director, and then adding two further accounts to the portfolio. I was promoted to Service Delivery Director in 2017 and am responsible for several of our accounts in the UK.

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role?

Yes, most definitely! From temp to perm, volume, campaigns, diversity, EVP, tech deployments and executive search.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

The ability to offer diverse careers, in different businesses and sectors.

How did Hays help develop your skills?

By giving me the opportunities to grow as and when I’ve been ready to push and develop. This has always been with a good level of support.

What is a career highlight for you?

Being an account director at 29 and running one of our biggest accounts; we had thousands of contractors and had permanent campaigns running – great times! Followed by graduating from my MBA with a first. Not sure which was better…

Amandine Sales, Human Resources Business Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I started my career in Hays France in Paris, in 2016 as an HR Manager in HSR business, for the Pharma Industry.

My role was to take care of contractors who worked on site & to develop a strong sense of belonging with Hays. Now I’m a Regional HRBP full time for Hays Talent Solutions France.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

Hays values are aligned with my vision. Hays is an open organisation who let people propose and share ideas. It’s really appreciated in all my scope. We work closely with the Management team and my opinions are taken into account Green & Equity, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, are also more and more present in Hays. It’s really important to be aligned with new employee’s expectations and continue to roll out and encourage these topics.

How did Hays help develop your skills?

In 6 years, I received 2 promotions and I am now a Regional HRBP for Talent Solutions France. My scope is very large, and my missions very diversified. I had the opportunity to manage a big team for Pharma Contracting when I arrived. I improved my English, and I have the opportunity to work for several industries, with different targets and thanks to Hays I consider myself today as agile and an expert in my skills area.

What E,D&I initiatives have you worked on?

Personally I’m a mother of two little kids now, 3 years old and 5 month old. Hays has always be very helpful to guarantee a good balance between personal & professional life. Our parenthood policy is very strong and I can now combine my career with my parent life and it helps me a lot.

Trisha Jasmat, Senior Team Leader, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I began my career with Hays in September 2008 as a Compliance Administrator. After 18 months of working in this role, I moved across to the Delivery team as a Sourcing Partner and a few years later I was appointed as a Delivery Team Leader managing our key clients and supporting the delivery function. Between 2014 and 2016 I had my two children, I returned back to work in 2017 where I reduced my hours which gave me a good mix of work/life balance. Currently I manage the MSP and RPO Delivery team.

Did you have any prior recruitment experience?

No prior experience, like many of us I fell into recruitment straight after graduating from University in 2008.

How do you achieve balance in your working life?

For me as a working parent I find it is important to create and maintain a daily plan and prioritise my time accordingly. Don’t get me wrong there are times when the unexpected will crop up however, I embrace it and carry on with my day. I try to keep a clear line between work and home life, focusing on myself and doing things where I can switch off is really important and I would recommend this to everyone.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

Someone once told me, “treat your job as if it’s your own mini business” this has really stuck with me and I am sure people who I work closely with will tell you that I stand by this motto. I’ve always believed that anything I do in life is worth doing with passion, care and with creativity.

How do you encourage your team to get the right balance between personal and work life?

As I mentioned earlier, having a clear line between work and home life is important for me so I like to ensure my team follow this to. I encourage the team to take regular breaks, create daily/weekly plans so that they can manage their time, book annual leave even if it’s a long weekend and finally make time for something you enjoy doing other than work and give it the time it deserves.

Kerry-Ann James, Client Partner, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

I started out on a temporary basis as a Care Partner in the ISC, Auckland, New Zealand. It was a big change coming from a project administration background but I was excited to be part of such a big organisation and what that may hold for my future.

The support, encouragement and flexibility I received here helped set me up for my next adventure – moving across the ditch to Melbourne to work on the newly won account in Melbourne as a Client Associate.

It seemed to be perfectly timed and far too easy that everything just worked out so well. To this day I am still so thankful for the encouragement and support I received from everyone involved along the way.

This newly won account was a brand new account, that didn’t even have a manager when I rocked up in Melbourne; but from doing the implementation, through to go live, now into our second year, and a promotion to Client Partner, I couldn’t be prouder to work for Talent Solutions and look back at what we have achieved with our account – it’s my baby!

I always laugh that when I was first interviewed and offered the role back in 2018 in the ISC, that I was extremely nervous to take on a “temp” role and that this would mean there’d be no job progression, I was just a causal, and that’s how I’d be treated.

Well of course that was entirely not true and working for Hays has completely exceeded my expectations. Engaging with so many people throughout the organisation, the training we are provided, support we are given and constant room for growth and progression is what makes this such a great place to work.

I put it down to being surrounded by such great individuals, teams and management! This is the first organisation I have worked for where I’ve had really excellent managers.

The training courses at Hays have really helped me think in different ways and provided me with skills to apply to my every day to continuously improve how I engage with a wide range of stakeholders.

Initially, I won’t lie, some of the sessions were challenging and scary as I had never had any recruitment experience and I was not ready to be thrown in the deep end. But there are in fact many things I have taken away from the sessions and am always appreciative of the training and development we are provided with.

The best advice I have been given and that I constantly try to do every day is to always communicate! No matter if it’s about something small or big, being straight up with the client and letting them know what’s happening means that while building trust and a good relationship, it’s also ensuring that nothing gets missed.

I am excited this year to be involved in two E,D&I groups – Hays DISCO and the new Talent Solutions ED&I Group.

The account I work for has also allowed me to be part of their PRIDE committee and take part in events supporting the organisations LGBTQI+ community.

People want to feel valued and encouraged to bring more of themselves to the workplace, so I do my best to ensure that inclusion means creating this space for our client, hiring managers, agency consultants and candidates, during the entire recruitment process.

For me at work I know that a sense of belonging encourages me to be more energized, perform better, be creative and productive, so by ensuring others in my organisation feel the same it works as a ripple effect in creating that space of inclusion and belonging.

Ranjeet Singh, Associate Director of Business Intelligence, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

After working for the NHS for 4 years as an Analyst, I started my journey at Hays in July 2012 as a Senior Reporting Analyst in the MI team based in Leicester. In 2013 I was promoted to MI Team Lead and then subsequent promotions to Business Intelligence Manager, Senior Business Intelligence Manager, Global Business Intelligence Manager and now Associate Director of Business Intelligence have followed.

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role? Have you relocated / changed functions/clients?

My role has evolved over the years from reporting initially to managing a global team, implementing new reporting tools, and supporting the BI tech solutions, in line with the MI Team shifting from supporting approximately 10 Talent Solutions clients in the UK to over 60 clients globally across Talent Solutions and Specialist Recruitment. Over the years I have had opportunities to visit the Business Services team, set up the MI team in Krakow and travel to Cologne to train the MI team.

What early challenges did you face and how did you overcome these?

The acronyms and recruitment terminology used by Hays were challenging at first. The BUDs, TTOs and IVs were new to me and I had to ask for clarification during meetings. It was important in my role to understand these acronyms and from my own experience appreciate that not everyone in the business will understand these terms, so I try to keep it simple when communicating.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

It is the people and the opportunity to grow at Hays. I have been fortunate to work with some great, experienced people which has allowed me grow. Also having the opportunity to share ideas and innovate has been great.

What is the single most important attribute that has been the key to your success?

There are 2 which work hand in hand for me, patience and adapting to change. Hays as a business is very dynamic, and priorities can change very quickly. Take a step back, understand the needs of the business and re-prioritize the work.

What is a career highlight for you?

• Winning HTS Team of the Year 2019 (receiving a standing ovation from the whole room was quite emotional)
• Being promoted to Associate Director
• Evolving the MI team into a Global BI team
• Travelling abroad to visit the Business Services team
• Implementing a Power BI solution for the business (and more to come!)

How do you ensure you promote E, D&I within your team?

Keeping an open mind, listen and let the individuals work to their strengths.

Sherryn Prentice, Senior Project Manager APAC, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays Talent Solutions in December 2016 in the role of Project Manager. Prior to joining the team I had a strong Recruitment, Training and Leadership background within the industry.

Taking on a Project Management role was a complete change and whilst I used a variety of my existing skills, an entire new language and skillset was learnt very quickly. The key challenges I faced was initially navigating the internal stakeholders and understanding how the different teams all came together to achieve a successful MSP or RPO implementation for our clients. From Client Services, Operational Excellence, all the way to the Finance vendor management system team, payroll and our amazing New Zealand International Sourcing Centre team.

Over the past 4 years I have successfully implemented in excess of 10 client projects and am currently Program Managing an internal program that consists of nine individual projects. This opportunity has further expanded my understanding and exposure to not only the wider Hays business but also provided me the opportunity to work with Senior Stakeholders within Australia and Globally.

Like everyone, 2020 was a big year of change and challenges. Pre COVID, I was allowed the opportunity to relocate and perform my role remotely. At the time, it seemed quite daring, agile and out-of-the-box for Hays. Little did we know that 3 months into my new ways of working, the entire world would follow! This amazing change for me has allowed me to continue to deliver a high standard of project management and live (as best I can), a good balance between work and personal life.

If I look back on my career and think about what has been a common thread or attribute I have developed and believe is most important, it is without doubt effective communication. To take the time to fully understand what someone else is saying or sharing with you. Ask questions until you understand and do not assume you have the answers.

David Withycombe, Regional HR Manager Midlands and Talent Solutons Leicester, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I joined hays in 2012 as an experienced Recruitment Consultant. I joined the team in Birmingham, initially in the IT perm team and then moving for an opportunity in the Senior Finance team. I was very fortunate to work with some excellent, experienced consultants who I learned a great deal from.

After a couple of years in the role and many years of accumulated recruitment experience I decided that my career in agency recruitment had come to an end, so leaving on very positive terms, I moved on to do something completely different. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I missed the environment at Hays. The people, the comradery, the fun work environment were all things that I missed. Whilst I was comfortable with my decision to leave agency recruitment, I was open to rejoining Hays in another capacity.

A few months later, I saw an advert for the Internal Recruiter role for the Midlands and felt that could be the right balance for me to bridge recruitment and working for Hays. After a couple of interviews and a presentation, I re-joined Hays in 2015.

Leading the Internal Recruitment team in the Midlands was an entirely new challenge. At the time we were seeing large amounts of growth and there was huge pressure to get new starters in. I had a fantastic few years in IR, learning a great deal and building my internal profile. Eventually the time came when I questioned what was next? Fortunately, I had been asked to recruit for a the new HR Manager for the Midlands region. Whilst the job appealed, I did not have the experience or knowledge to do the role. After some discussion with my HR Lead, I was encouraged to apply with a view to getting CIPD accreditation and learning under their mentorship.

So, 2018, I joined the HR team and a new journey began for me. After 2 years working closely with my manager and gaining CIPD accreditation I was promoted and took on the HR Lead role for the Midlands region and also took on the HR Lead role for the Talent Solutions ISC in Leicester.

Hays has continually recognised that I can learn and adapt to different job roles and given me the opportunity to develop my skillset and further my career

Sarah Wheeler, Senior Internal Recruitment and Training Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

Hays was my second job after high school. I’d spent a year in retail management and wanted a role that would allow me to continue to play competitive sports on the weekend (priorities!). I started in Administration in our North Sydney Office and quickly became fascinated with recruitment. I loved the pace, I loved the challenge of finding the right person for the right job and l loved that by finding the right person we were solving problems for our clients and candidates. I jumped when the opportunity to manage my own desk became available and started what would become a great career.

I progressed through Hays from Associate to Senior Consultant, I went backpacking for two years completing a contract for Hays in Edinburgh, UK and picked up my career where it left off and moved into Management in our Parramatta Office. I had a great manager at the time and she recommended me to Talent Solutions. My first role in Talent Solutions was a new programme for us before moving to manage one of our long standing programmes. As Talent Solutions continued to grow the opportunity for the Internal Recruitment and Training Manager came available, and I felt this would be the perfect combination of my previous experience and my education and I haven’t looked back!

Who do you most admire at Hays and why?

I can’t name just one person that I admire at Hays, as there are too many and everyone has an important role to play. We have an amazing Leadership Group in ANZ and they are definitely a group to aspire too. Initially it was pretty daunting to be in meetings with them, they are experts in their functions and are so passionate about what they do. They truly respect each other and other peoples expertise and opinions, which gives me the confidence to share my ideas and take ownership of my role.

What is a career highlight for you?

I’m living it! 3 years ago my role was created and I was promoted in December which was awesome. No matter how long you are in the business it is a great feeling to be recognised for your hard work and it was a good opportunity to reflect on what I had achieved over the last couple of years. I am privileged to have been involved in hiring and training the majority of Talent Solutions employees over the last 3 years, it’s amazing to see someone progress their career and know I played a role in some shape or form.

What E,D&I initiatives have you worked on?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity is a massive and sometimes daunting subject. It’s important to Hays, our employees and our clients. Over the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to work closely with our APAC Managing Director and our Global People and Culture team to put in place our Action Plan. I’ve reviewed and updated our Internal Recruitment Processes to ensure everyone has a fair and equal experience, supported the delivery of Unconscious Bias Training for our people leaders and over the next couple of months we will be working with the Australian Network on Disability to become Accredited Disability Confident Recruiters.

How have you demonstrated living our Talent Solutions purpose?

To me, Helping Organisations Thrive is not just about our programmes being successful or achieving service excellence. I believe it starts with our people, if our people thrive, which is the main focus of my role, finding, engaging and developing our people, Talent Solutions will Thrive and when Talent Solutions Thrives, we will help organisations Thrive. Everything that I do is about finding people who will demonstrate our Hays Values and then ensuring they are given the opportunity to develop their skills and careers to ensure they feel valued by us.

Jordan Harrison, Compliance Team Leader, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays in the Summer of 2014 as an Associate Compliance Partner and have remained within the same department to this day. Having no recruitment experience whatsoever and quite embarrassingly initially thinking I was signing up with Hays as an agency rather than as a potential employee, I had no idea what to expect. During my assessment centre I was given the opportunity to sit with Vendor, Candidate Care and Compliance and after a unique show, I decided Compliance seemed to be the most appropriate/interesting department for me.

I started with two of our leading accounts and I think the biggest challenges early on, were down to me not really having a full grasp on what we were actually trying to achieve and also the impacts we have on the wider business. I asked a lot of questions in my first 6 months and I encourage all our new starters to do the same. If you have a clear picture and understanding of how your role ties in with the whole recruitment journey, it makes the compliance process make more sense and thus being able to deliver to a higher standard

I have found that often the skills I have learnt whilst at Hays are ones that are developed when you are placed outside your comfort zone. It’s not a great feeling when you’re “thrown in at the deep end” but the lessons you can take from those experiences are invaluable as well as having a great sense of achievement for completing a new task for the first time

A good work/life balance is imperative in helping us deliver our best whilst at work. We spend the majority of our waking hours dedicated to our employer and that to me means your “free time” really should be made the most of. Try not to take work home with you, figuratively speaking and don’t waste energy worrying about things outside of your control. Whilst it’s certainly a little cliché, I like the phrase, “don’t sweat the small stuff”

Dominika świżek , EMEA Delivery PMO, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

After living abroad and learning recruitment in practice, I was granted the opportunity to become part of Hays and support one of our accounts as a Lead Recruitment Partner, based in Poland. Enthusiasm, tenacity and drive are qualities that allowed me to become the go-to-partner when solving our customer’s pains, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing this for around 3 years.

I have always dreamed of possibilities instead of limitations and this dream is big. Last year, our Hays Leaders opened an opportunity for me where I am constantly working out of my comfort zone, creating the best version of myself for the company as well as myself personally. Growth is a path that Hays offer me and I happily participate in this adventurous stroll, holding my breath and being curious as to what is round the corner.

What is the single most important attribute that has been the key to your success?

Being fearlessly open-minded while seeking to collaborate with others is a recipe to go beyond my own limitations. Hays encourages me to take controllable risks in exploring new avenues.

How do you achieve balance in your working life?

Besides being at Hays I am a mother of two young, demanding boys who sometimes get sick or just need a cuddle while I am at work. I love my morning runs and enjoy working late once my family falls asleep. At Hays I am able to work in a way that everyone is satisfied. Tasks get timely and effectively completed and I have the energy needed to reach the sky!

Áron Tóth, Principal Learning & Development Partner EMEA, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

Having previously gained recruitment experience from two other organisations, I finally managed to join Hays in 2014, fulfilling a long-pursued goal of working for the industry leader.

For the first two years I have been working as a 360-recruiter on the biggest account of the Krakow ISC. Then, in 2016 I was promoted into a trainer role, which seemed like a natural next step due to my mix of experience in recruitment and teaching.

As of 2021, I am working as a Principal Learning & Development Partner, driving L&D and training efforts forward in the Krakow ISC and other EMEA locations.

What were your early impressions of Hays/recruitment, did this change once you were on the inside?

I have always seen Hays as the company anyone with recruitment aspirations would want to work for, and being on the inside also confirmed this. Working for Hays means that you will always have the right tools and training to do your job, whilst you can rely on and represent the company brand of an industry leader organisation.

How did Hays help develop your skills?

I am really grateful for Hays not only for allowing me to work on prestigious client accounts, but also for helping me improve my skills in a wide range of areas such as driving niche recruitment, managing senior stakeholders, coordinating exciting recruitment and L&D projects, coaching people and last but not least providing training in a wide range of topics across a wide range of locations.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

In the wake of the pandemic of 2020 I faced my yet biggest challenge as a trainer, as I was forced to move our entire training catalogue from our comfortable classroom-based environment to the world of remote training. What turned out to be a huge challenge at first, actually resulted in massive fun and an amazing learning experience, but also a big success – by the end of 2021 our entire training catalogue has been moved and revamped, earning me the “Innovative” award of the Krakow ISC, and proving that even remote training can be fun and effective.

Karolina Hastwell, Project Manager – Operational Excellence, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I started my career with Hays in our Sydney office on an Office Support perm desk. I have been very fortunate to have had various opportunities at Hays. I had exposure to running a perm and temp desk in Office Support, worked as a Tender Consultant for our Bids and Contacts team from which I then moved into Talent Solutions and worked onsite for one of our RPO accounts handling the volume recruitment, travelling all over Australia delivering assessment centres. After returning from maternity leave back to my role onsite, an opportunity became available to manage one of our MSPs in Adelaide. Finally, after returning from my second Maternity leave I was fortunate enough to obtain a position within the Operational Excellence team working remotely from Adelaide.

Did you have any prior recruitment experience?

I love telling this part of my story. I had zero recruitment experience and I also had zero knowledge of what a recruitment agency did. My thought was that all recruitment was managed through a HR department. When I moved to Sydney I was looking for any job just to get cash flow going whilst I figured out what I wanted to do as a career. I attended an interview at a recruitment agency for a contact centre job as this is what my experience had been so far. The consultant that interviewed me asked me if I had ever considered a job as a recruitment consultant and explained to me what was involved. The consultant then called his manager into the room who advised me that they didn’t have roles at that moment for inexperienced recruiters and to go to Hays as they have the best training in the industry. I thought if one company was promoting another for being an industry leader I had to check them out. I submitted my resume through the Hays website and the rest is history. What I found was not only an industry leader but a company that really valued its people which was extremely important to me.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

Do not think you need to have all the answers. Ask questions and find out who the SMEs are. Challenge the current way of thinking.

How do you achieve balance in your working life?

I always make sure that I incorporate exercise into my day no matter how busy I am. It could be a walking meeting, a gym session during my lunch break or a walk around the block in between meetings.

What is the single most important attribute that has been the key to your success?

Ability to embrace change.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

I feel the value that I demonstrate the most out of them all is being passionate about people. I am always conscious of the impact I can have on others. When I mean customers I mean our clients, candidates and our internal colleagues. I strive to always elevate what I can bring to them. For example, when I was running assessment centres there would always be candidates that found group interviews very uncomfortable. I always made sure as the facilitator to give them a chance to stand out and showcase their skills by providing a safe and comfortable environment. I also really love to see my colleagues thrive and work towards their professional and personal goals and love sharing any knowledge that I have attained through my career to help them get to where they want to be. For our clients I have always looked at ways to make their working life easier and really aimed at working together in a partnership to help them achieve their organisational goals.

Ceri Topham, Senior Bid Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I am the Talent Solutions UK&I bid team leader and started with Hays in January 2019 so I am still a newbie in the Hays world although I feel like I have been here for a lot longer (in a good way).

Did you have any prior recruitment experience?

I have been in recruitment for over 15 years. I was recruitment consultant at first and then 12 years ago I moved into bids. I have been messing around with words and telling stories for a number of recruitment companies ever since.

Why did you decide that recruitment was for you?

Like most people I fell into recruitment. I was originally a Pub Manager and after a back injury I needed to change career. My Mum was working as an admin in a blue collar rec company, she needed some help so I started as candidate care consultant in a porta cabin outside a chicken factory in North Wales. Surprisingly this didn’t put me off recruitment (although the smell on slaughter day will haunt me forever). I then became a 360 HR perm recruiter and it has been onwards and upwards from there.

The moment in my career that introduced me to bids was actually a happy accident. One day I was in the right place at the right time and seized the chance. A managed service bid came in but the existing bid team were either on annual leave or sick, my manager at the time looked around and went ‘ you can write Cez, fancy a go at this’. The rest as they say is history.

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role? Have you relocated / changed functions / clients?

My role at Hays has developed even in a relatively short time. I came into the Talent Solutions team as part of a succession plan for the then Bid Director, with a planned transition and training period. As everyone knows plans never go to plan and I had to take over the team leadership much sooner than thought. It was a challenge but very exciting and meant that I had to ramp up my Hays knowledge super quickly to ensure my team did not suffer and became overworked. Working through each new challenge and finding solutions has only been possible with the support of the bid team and my wider Talent Solutions colleagues.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

The people and how they come together. Senior management are not hidden in their ivory tower or busy playing political one upmanship with others. They want us all to develop and do better so they invest time in us. They are not threatened by their team doing well and encourage us to reach further, question more, think harder, share ideas and be better! This is the example I see from those above and is one I look to mirror with my team.

Steven Morley, Client Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I started my Hays careers in the Leicester ISC as an Associate Vendor Partner in 2013, working on the PSL and accounts. The role provided me a 360 understanding of all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle and offered me the opportunity to see how I wanted to progress my career in Talent Solutions. From there I moved into Sourcing for one of our other accounts, and then into Internal Recruitment - recruiting staff for the Leicester ISC and nationwide Talent Solutions roles. After 2 years in Internal Recruitment, I realised I had to move back into client operations to help progress my career, which involved stepping across into a Recruitment Partner position and this allowed me to gain the exposure I needed to understand onsite operations. From there I took on my first account in the UK after being promoted to Senior Recruitment Partner, before then becoming a Client Manger and taking on a new client venture and Early Careers to date. Showing ambition has helped me develop my career, but also being flexible and ready to move quickly on opportunities have all played to my advantage.

Why did you decide that recruitment was for you?

Well, I didn’t in all honesty, as with quite a few people in the industry I kind of fell into it. I’d worked in Sales for the past few years before joining and found the BD side of the sector very ambiguous at times. It became clear fairly early on in my time at HTS that I enjoyed concentrating on filling jobs and working on projects. There are levels to recruitment that you don’t fully appreciate until you have been working in the sector for a period of time, particularly in RPO and MSP delivery. These levels can chop & change between sectors but that is why I now really enjoy working in recruitment, the variation.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given and how do you achieve balance in your working life?

Switch off - Recruitment can get busy, we all know that, but sticking to a definitive start and end time ensures you avoid burnout. I was fortunate to join the business in Vendor and the first thing I learnt was manage my inbox effectively (most of the time anyway), a lesson that has stuck with to this day. Put the laptop down, grab a Beer/Wine/Orange Fanta, whatever tickles your fancy and switch off. The other piece of advice is don’t change who you are. Stick to being you and how you want to deliver your message. Yes, be open to feedback and advice from your colleagues/sponsors, but don’t be afraid to put your spin on things.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

I have always tried to be ambitious in my career but have been guilty of trying to run before I can walk. Being ambitious has helped me want to push for the next step up and I have been fortunate to have the right people around me to ensure I receive the best advice. Not that I’ve always listen to that advice first time round and that’s something I’ve had to learn from. We have vast amounts of experience within Hays/HTS and its knowledge I will always continue to tap in to. HTS rewards ambition and dedication, so it’s a case of being patient and the next opportunity will come your way when the time is right.

Leanne Knee, Client Manager, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

My Hays Story began in 2011 as an Associate Recruitment Consultant for Accountancy & Finance in South West London. I worked there for two years, and in 2015 I re-joined the business with Hays Talent Solutions as a Recruitment Partner for one of our MSP clients, progressing through the ranks to a Client Manager position earlier this year.

What were your early impressions of Hays Recruitment, did this change once you were on the inside?

Having had no prior recruitment experience, or any office-based experience for that matter, I was apprehensive starting my career with Hays. Grateful for the opportunity for sure, but immediately overcome with imposter syndrome! But I felt supported from Day 1. Not just by my immediate team and management, but by my wider colleagues; something that I have always valued within Hays. I have seen a lot of people come and go throughout my career, and those who succeed are certainly those who support and champion the people around them to achieve their potential.

What do you most admire at Hays and why?

I am constantly awed by the inspirational women of Hays. I’ve been managed by some exceptional recruitment professionals, and I manage a team of strong, capable women who are resilient in the face of adversity. I’ve of course learned a lot from the men of Hays too, but it’s important to me to be able to see myself in my role-models, and Hays have given me that.

What is the single most important attribute that has been the key to your success?

Building relationships: Looking for opportunities to add value, and taking ownership, but recognising that I can’t do everything alone.

How do you achieve balance in your working life? How do you encourage your team to get the right balance between personal and work life?

I have only very recently started taking the impact work/life balance has on my mental health seriously. I live alone, so while working from home it’s all too easy to merge the two, and for me it’s important to recognise the signs of potential burn-out. I know that the times where I feel like I couldn’t possibly step away from my emails is exactly when I should. Early in my Hays career when I was in the office later than usual, I was reminded that we’re not saving lives. It’s normal to feel pressure, and accountability is a good thing, but I try to remind myself of this whenever I feel overwhelmed.

Alex Hort, Manager - Vacancy Management, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I joined Hays in 2011 after a brief career and University education in classical / contemporary Dance & Choreography. Leaving university at the height of recession led me into the recruitment industry; however it posed a challenge that I was determined to rise to. I started due to expansion (project Humberstone) as a delivery consultant, I was then the first ever Leicester Vendor Partner (claim to fame) as the job title was created for the project. Fortunately I was given the opportunities to progress to partner and senior before being successful in applying for a team leader position further progressing to Senior team leader and finally promotion to manager in December 2019.

What early challenges did you face and how did you overcome these?

The biggest challenge for me was being so “green”, having never worked in an office environment and having very limited knowledge of the recruitment industry was quite intimidating (at the time). For me it was living the inquisitive value that helped me overcome this challenge; do not be afraid to ask questions and network! Don’t put pressure on yourself to try and be everything to everyone, find those experts within the organisation, develop the relationships and lean on them for advice and knowledge as well as building and developing yourself.

What is a career highlight for you?

I have a few! But I must say the highlights have been the team awards numerous teams have received, as well as members of the vacancy department managers receiving expert awards. Our successes are built as a team and it’s a huge point of pride and recognition to be awarded these at a national level. The key for me is developing individuals and celebrating their successes with all their collective hard work being recognised.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

“Remove the emotion” – What I mean by that is always try to be balanced and not make snap decisions or take actions based on your emotional state, take a step back and digest the issue; breathe and then move forward – we spend a lot of time in the workplace so always keep perspective. That being said be human – listen to people, try to understand situations and show empathy when its needed.

What E,D&I initiatives have you worked on?

I’ve been lucky to be part of the Hays Pride Network which has come a long way in a short time, recently we had over 100 Ally sign ups to our network as part of Pride 2020 and the release of our first news letter to the UK&I network it’s great to work for an organisation where you feel you can be true to yourself and be fully accepted for who you are and what you believe in.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

I like to think I have displayed Inquisitive and Passionate about people above all. I think we are fortunate in Hays Talent Solutions to work with a fun and knowledgeable group – get to know them! I’m lucky that I can pick up the phone to contacts in Sales, Projects, Bids, contracts and many more to be able to get the answers and advice that I and my team need to move forward. Covid has brought us all closer and has really highlighted how much we all know and can learn from one another.

Anne Matuszewski, Head of Business Services, Products & Innovation, Germany for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

I joined Hays in September 2017 as Senior Team Leader for the Vendor Management team in Hamburg, Germany. Back than the structure of the Center of Excellence was different than it now has become. My manager shaped a vision for 2020 and I was part of that journey to develop the unit but also my own role and responsibilities. Since then I have had the opportunity to step up and be responsible for additional tasks and topics alongside vendor management. Being part of one of our global transformation initiatives in 2017 and leading one of the workstreams as project manager helped me to interact and connect with people around the globe. I am thrilled to see how the results are now reflected in our every day work.

In 2018 I was promoted to Department Manager. Since then I have been responsible for Hays Talent Solutions contract management and vendor management as well as our Management Information Analysts. In 2020 “Products & Innovation” was also moved under my management as I had managed the shaping, structure and creation of the Talent Solutions product portfolio since 2019. A relocation was never required because my manager believes in decentralised work and strong collaboration as well. My team, which now exists of more than 20 professionals, is allocated in 8 cities across Germany and I am very proud that we continue to have a great working atmosphere and supportive environment combined with lots of laughter and fun along the way. I enjoy being part of Hays and appreciate the openness and possibilities for me to shape Hays and the world we work in.

I used to work in the staffing industry for 10 years before I joined Hays. I had recognised Hays to be the leader in staffing but was not aware of how many clients also received workforce solutions. I am proud to be part of an organisation that managed the procurement spend of so many important companies. It had many conversations with my manager as well as my team to understand the reason we’ve been doing things and to evaluate opportunities that are most likely to change. With great support and guidance, I could adapt to the organisation and culture quite fast. Also worth mentioning is that Hays offers a great deal of training and people development. This is unique in comparison to the staffing companies I worked with before.

My personal highlight of my career with Hays so far has been my team and the way we collaborate and trust each other. We've had some challenges when transforming into the new structure and it makes me proud to see how we have succeeded, and each of them have thrived. Being the driver of initiatives such as the Talent Solutions product portfolio makes me realise that I am in the middle of shaping the future product set up. The best career advice that I have been given and happy to share is: ask for it – people will only know what you need and what you want by speaking up for yourself. The single most important attribute that has been key to my success is a passion for the things I do with integrity.

To achieve balance in your working life is not always an easy thing to accomplish. During my annual leave I store my laptop and phone in a drawer and make sure that all urgent topics are covered by my manager and team. Anything else needs to wait upon my return. Reflecting that I am not being asked to operate on open hearts or prevent economic crisis helps me a lot to take the break and rejuvenate. I tend to lead by example and encourage my team to be mindful with themselves, as well.

Helping organisations thrive – this means a lot to me. Not only for our clients that always comes first but also for my team. To develop each of them individually and see them thrive makes me proud. Continuous improvement is key. I encourage my people to question the way we do things in order to be more efficient and innovative.

Simone Gregory, Talent Development Manager, UK and EMEA for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I moved to Hays from a Telecoms company, where I was Head of Learning and Development. In 1999, I started working for Hays Specialist Recruitment in the Information Technology division. I started as HR Manager, where I led a small team responsible for the recruitment and training of IT recruiters. Whilst in this role, I took on a lot of projects which I really enjoyed.

This led to me moving across in to the role of Business Change Manager when we first launched an internal system in the UK and Ireland. My role was to work between the business and technical teams to facilitate the implementation of the new system. After the rollout was complete, I moved to Hays Talent Solutions. I joined Project Services as a Project Manager, initially implementing 3SS for our existing client base. I then managed new client implementations. In 2015, I was asked to take on a training secondment for 6 months. Five years later, I am still working within Learning and Development, which I absolutely love! I have recently taken responsibility for the UK and EMEA.

Have you experienced a lot of variety in your role? Have you relocated / changed functions / clients?

My time at Hays has been extremely varied. I have learnt a lot and worked with a huge array of different people both within Hays and client stakeholders. As you can see from my career history, I have moved around Hays a fair bit and taken on very different roles both within Hays Talent Solutions and Hays Specialist Recruitment.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

I am genuinely passionate about the people who work for Hays Talent Solutions. We employ some amazing people who work really hard and have true blue Hays blood. I hope this comes across in the Learning and Development initiatives that we provide!

What E,D&I initiatives have you worked on?

I have worked on an E,D&I Training course that we will be rolling out. We are also talking to several clients about providing E,D&I training for their teams. It’s great to communicate messages to people about what equality really means and how we can all play our part.

Judy Cherry, Director, Client Operations for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I joined Hays in 2011 as the Client Manager for a very high profile Investment Bank, my career at Hays has really been in two halves, the early days it was all about Investment Banking and the latter has been a real mix from Facilities Management, one of the big 5 Accountancy firms followed by where I am now in Telecoms.

Did you have any prior recruitment experience?

Oh yes I have spent the majority of my career in recruitment. It was a long, long time ago when I first walked into an agency looking for a job and no not a job in recruitment. I remember when they asked if I fancied being a recruiter and my response” oh no not if I have to interview people for a living”. Fast forward to 30 years later, here I am and whilst I no longer interview candidates for jobs, it turns out it was one part of the role I absolutely loved.

Why did you decide that recruitment was for you?

Who wouldn’t love being the plate spinner in the circus, no two days are the same and a role where you can genuinely make a difference to a person’s life.

What were your early impressions of Hays Recruitment, did this change once you were on the inside?

I think I got a good grasp of who Hays were from the outset and whilst Hays has changed over the years, people have come and gone the bottom line is that yes we have a corporate identity and yes ways of working but more than anything else Hays is an organisation that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit. A company that recognises the value each person can bring to the table and that they have the freedom to develop their business area as they see fit but with the added bonus a support network of real experts.

Have you been part of the mentor programme and how did this support your development?

I have just been invited onto the mentoring program at Hays. I am looking forward to working closely with one other in the Hays business and helping them to progress.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

Ultimately you work for people and not companies. Choose your employer wisely but make sure you find your people, those with the same motivations, aspirations and values. Your leadership team is key to your success, you will thrive if supported by great management. In my journey at Hays I have been really lucky to work for such a great bunch.

How do you achieve balance in your working life?

It can be difficult and never more so now we are working from home. However the things that keep me away from the laptop are friends and family. My friendship groups are really important to me. Making lasting memories are so important and that can be small gatherings to bigger (when we were allowed) house parties. I adore travel and anyone who knows me knows I love to plan the next big thing!

How do you encourage your team to get the right balance between personal and work life?

It has become more tricky as mentioned earlier when work and home are more blended. For my team I certainly don’t clock watch or expect them to be at their desks in the old fashioned sense working flat out between their contractual hours, more that they should manage their days to be the most productive when they can and if they need to have more flexibility in their days that fine too. We are in a new way of working and trying to get the job done and support their mental health are equally as important.

How have you demonstrated living the Hays values?

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day and forget that you are living these values as they do become second nature. As someone who is genuinely passionate about people and loves to see my team progress for me what’s vitally important is that we continue to develop a team around us who also live by the same Hays values. I’ve eluded to this before but we are an organisation of experts and the way in which I’d like to think I am living the values is through having an inquiring mind. Not one person has all the answers but together we can!

Paul Coward, Service Delivery Director, for Hays Talent Solutions, shares his #HaysStory with us.

When and where did you first start out at Hays, and what jobs have you had at Hays that led to where you are now?

I joined Hays Talent Solutions (or Hays Resource Management as it was then) back in 2007 to work as a Client Manager onsite at one of our leading Financial Services clients. If I’m honest the attraction of the job was working with one of our Financial Services clients (this was pre financial crash and the bankers are all evil movement!) rather than working for Hays. But thankfully that soon changed. I became part of the Hays family and all thoughts of going ‘native’ quickly disappeared.

I have enjoyed a challenging and varied career with Talent Solutions since. I went from Client Manager to Change Manager working in the Project Services teams managing implementations of MSP’s and RPO’s as well as working on internal change programmes. After dabbling in the projects world for a few years I returned to operations as a Director of Client Operations responsible for portfolio of MSP/RPO programmes. My current role is Operations Directions for Hays Talent Solutions UKI with a remit to support across our business whilst maintaining client responsibility for a number clients.

What were your early impressions of Hays/ recruitment, did this change once you were on the inside?

As mentioned I fell into recruitment and actually didn’t consciously join Hays! I think recruitment is an industry and likewise Hays Talent Solutions a business where you can be yourself. That’s probably a good sign that it is a business/industry that suits my skillset and outlook but fundamentally it’s the environment we work in that makes it possible. It’s a people business.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

It’s funny, if our clients were like us a lot of our business wouldn’t exist! I’m joking but my point is we have a lot of people that have been with us a long time which I think is testament to Hays as an employer. It is an environment where you can develop and grow should you wish. Equally there is not that relentless pressure to do so.

How did Hays help develop your skills?

By entrusting me with opportunities is probably the biggest thing.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and challenge if you have a view.

Be open to ‘sideways’ moves – these opportunities generally create opportunities to learn and gain knowledge of something new.

Jennifer Schneider, Solutions Director, Early Careers for Hays Talent Solutions, shares her #HaysStory with us.

Before joining Hays, I spent most of my career in several in-house HR roles; ranging from Learning and Development, to HR Business Partnering and most recently, running Early Careers - globally for an Investment Bank and for all Business Areas in EMEA. Like a lot of people, I ‘fell into’ Early Careers, but quickly found a passion for the fast-paced, ever-changing, forward-looking nature of it. It was here where I first became involved with Hays as a client.

At the time, I didn’t expect to be working here a few years later! My current role is really varied and no two days are same. Some days I’ll be building a solution for a client, the next I’ll be recording a webinar on Early Careers trends, or working on content for our Early Careers web pages. I feel really fortunate that I’m in a role which allows me to use my 10+ years of Early Careers experience as a Subject Matter Expert, whilst also challenging me to develop new skills and to work in different ways. To be successful in this role, I need to be innovative, instantly credible with clients, commercially minded and to continuously evolve my Early Careers knowledge.

Having a fantastic Mentor and an MD who encourages me to think outside the box are critical to achieving that. I’ve been impressed with the support, enthusiasm and energy for the Early Careers Product Line that I’ve experienced since joining Hays. I’ve had the privilege of working with people across the globe and in many parts of the business, from Sales to Ops, Project Services, to the ISC - the knowledge, commitment and ambition to deliver a great service has surpassed my expectations. My ultimate goal is to create a best-in-class Early Careers offering for Hays. We’re getting there and we’ve got several big projects in the pipeline – so watch this space!

Devorie Klingels Programme and Project Manager for Hays Talent Solutions, shares with us her #HaysStory.

I joined Hays in 2009 in Mannheim, Germany in our Sales Unit, which is responsible for the recruitment of freelancers. It was during this time that I first worked together with Hays Talent Solutions and was asked to participate in the implementation of a Managed Service Program (MSP) for one of our large telecommunications customers.

After these diverse experiences on both the candidate and client side, I decided with a heavy heart to leave the great team in Mannheim and Hays for a short period. I caught up on my master’s in project management and gained some experience in other companies.

I then found my way back to Hays, this time directly in the project services team for Hays Talent Solutions. As an Implementation Manager I was back in contact with customers, but now I was responsible for the implementation of MSPs.

Thanks to the trust of my managers and the project teams, we introduced new MSP models under my leadership and piloted cooperation with other technical partners in Germany. After these versatile and exciting three years Hays offered me the opportunity not only to support our customers in their further development, but also to shape our own company directly.

I took the opportunity to be project manager for one of our Chief Commercial Officers for two years and thus became part of our own transformation in terms of "digitization" and "automation".

During these two years my sponsorship already consisted of national and international representatives. Therefore, I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to expand this internationality in my current position and to promote both the German group and the international cooperation within the framework of a global Sourcing Centre co-ordination program.

In this current position, I am again part of Hays Talent Solutions, where I have already been able to gather so much experience and help to help move change. On the one hand, as operational project manager I am responsible for the further development of our German Sourcing Centre. On the other hand, in my global program function I am responsible to coordinate and manage improvement processes in all international Sourcing Centers - we have eight across four continents!

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

As you can see from the various positions that I have already held, Hays offers a variety of ways to involve and develop yourself and offers a supportive network. This is promoted by the culture of trust that gives you free space to mature. Additional to that, new tasks are transferred with confidence - even if you were not previously responsible for such a similar task. I was always given the feeling to be exactly the right person for the upcoming challenge and to be trusted. Thanks to my inspiring and motivating line managers as well as all the different project teams I always had fun working with.

What is a career highlight for you?

An evolving highlight is that through my several role changes, my actions field from having “direct influence on our external partnerships” to “working more in the background”. And this brings me into an impressive position to have influence on our overall social contribution in the changing world of work, more than in the 1: 1 relationship in the past. That’s really a highlight from my point of view.

Christopher Groß Programme Manager in Germany for Hays Talent Solutions, shares with us his #HaysStory.

My Hays journey started in 2017, when I joined Hays Talent Solutions in the cologne office in Germany. Hays Talent Solutions offered me the opportunity to switch my perspective from my former role as a category manager in the procurement department of one of the largest European telco companies to sales, and experience a whole new world.

Being part of a service company was a new game for me but was an amazing opportunity to develop a whole new set of skills. As programme manager my main targets are the strategic development of our MSP programs as well as ensuring a best in class service by our operational teams. I have been able to implement new customer programmes and develop existing MSP services in different industry sectors and for different customer sizes.

What do you think differentiates Hays as an employer?

I am truly impressed by the openness and helpfulness of all colleagues through all levels up to the board of directors. I have felt like part of the team from day one and have been welcomed by everyone. Hays offers an environment and culture which enables its employees to develop further and use their potential.

Have you ever been involved in any Hays initiatives, schemes or programmes in your time here?

Among others I was part of our global initiative to standardize and develop our global operational services. It was great to work together with colleagues from all over the world and share our experiences from different customers and markets.

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