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ANZ case study local governement

Australia | Local Government | MSP

Improved governance, compliance and cost controls through implementation of VMS with a complex organisation.

Banking and Finance case study

Europe | Banking & Investment | Total Talent

Hybrid MSP model to reflect different supply channel requirements, with a Global account and governance structure​.

Europe Engineering

Germany | Engineering | MSP

Increase in process transparency and satisfaction by replacing an existing MSP and providing a neutral interface.

Malaysia | Chemical | RPO

Increased candidate satisfaction with better service and engagement which resulted in higher rate of offer acceptance.

IT case study

UK | IT | Total Talent

Building quantified talent pools ready for speedy deployment, stronger engagement with the contractors and the assurance of supply.

Manufacturing Canada USA case study

USA & Canada | Manufacturing | RPO

New processes provided better efficiency and standardisation allowing us to address four different hiring changes in the past three years.

Financial services case study

USA & UKI | Financial Services | Direct Sourcing

How the implementation of Direct Sourcing in an outdated Managed Service Programme achieved unprecedented improvements.

Canada case study telecoms

Canada | Telecommunications | MSP

By enabling and streamlining these processes we were then able to focus on developing innovative and forward-thinking strategies for our client

Pharma & Life Sciences case study

Europe | Life Sciences & Pharma | MSP

Harmonised and efficient procurement process for contingent workforce as well as workload reduction for procurement and the managers.

Germany Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA case study

Germany | Media | MSP | Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

Reducing throughput times by 51.25% without compromising quality or increasing costs of the candidates.

Malaysia | Chemical | RPO

Halved time-to-fill rate in first 3 months, from 68 days to 32 days and now steadily maintaining time-to-fill under 25 days.

Financial services case study

USA | Financial Services | MSP

Find out how we took an organisations' time to offer from 23 business days to 12 and saved them $41 million.

USA Canada manufacturing RPO case study

USA & Canada | Manufacturing | RPO

Based on our “Find and Engage” methodology to standardise processes and open channels not previously available.

automotive case study

Europe | Automotive | RPO for Tech

Tailoring our engagement and focusing on improving the application process we have increased candidate applications by 40%.

Telecommunications case study

Europe | Telecommunications | MSP

Success in rolling out a multi-country MSP in a complex environment, enabling us to roll out a cost saving strategy that saved £1m in year one.

Technology case study

Global & UK | Technology | Early Careers & Total Talent

Reducing time to hire from 116 days to 56 days, improving the candidate journey and increased satisfaction.

construction case study

UK | Construction | MSP

With the right suppliers and segmentation, this organisation has seen a significant increase in supplier fill rates from 86% to 94%.

Manufacturing case study

USA | Manufacturing | MSP

Read how we enabled an organisation streamline their processes to find and engage talent when they needed it at a fair price.

Manufacturing case study

USA & UK | Manufacturing | MSP

Co-developed new polices after this company split from their larger Life Sciences group to achieve the business results they desired.

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